How to Create a Media Flowchart

According to a study conducted by, the AT&T Media Group, with sales of 144.59 billion euros, became the world's largest revenue-based media corporation in 2018. Alphabet Inc. got the second spot and was followed by Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, and Facebook. These are some successful companies focus on the media and produce top-notch films, tv shows, and other services out there that provide mass information and entertainment. Without their in-house processes, they wouldn't be where they are today, in terms of success. So if you have a media company and would like to garner the same success as the mentioned others, we have some steps you can use to create a media flowchart.

1. Plan and Study the Target Audience

A media company must plan marketing strategies to win the audience, subscribers, and clients. Without these kinds of people, the business operation will collapse. One of the strategies a company must plan is persuading its target market. The organization must create programs to entice the audience and bring clients to advertise their products.

2. Accumulate External Materials

Advertising: The sales department in the media company is responsible for seeking clients to invest in their company.

News: The reporter looks for news and gathers facts and details from social issue stories.

Entertainment: The entertainment department is responsible for choosing characters and looking for stories to produce a film or show for leisure purposes.

3. Filter the Accumulated Materials

Advertising: The sales department prepares and checks for the essential documents

News: The reporter writes the story and submits the report for editing.

Entertainment: Processes and finalizes the segments, production, and budget. Starts shooting the film or program.

4. Process the Accumulated Materials

Advertising: Processes the documents for approval and starts scheduling the execution of publishing and broadcasting the commercial.

News: Editor reviews and edits the content of the story, video, and voice clips.

Entertainment: Starts the production process and edits the show.

5. Execute Media Campaign

Advertising: The sales department will execute the publishing and broadcasting of advertising materials on radio, television, newspaper, and online advertising in social media.

News: Broadcast and publish the news story on the radio, tv, social media, or newspaper.

Entertainment: Broadcast the film, show, or program on tv, radio, and social media. You can also include an entertainment section in the newspaper where you can read the lives of the artists and lifestyle.

6. Craft Your Layout and Implement It

Open Adobe PDF on your computer. Follow the process stated above. Next, apply the elements of a flowchart, then organize it according to its flow. You can include the subtopics with the details below the main topic. And when done, you can save, print, and implement your sample flowchart.

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