Before officially hiring an applicant, most companies would ask him/her to undergo a health assessment and submit the results. Once employed, if the employee is absent due to sickness or other health-related issues, he/she must submit an approval from a physician. As proof that you are healthy and fit to work, you must submit a Medical Fitness Certificate. If you are the one issuing the certificate, we have ready-made templates in MS Word available for your convenience. These are editable, professionally made, high in quality, and printable to make sure you will come up with a useful medical certificate. Download now!

How to Make a Medical Fitness Certificate in MS Word

A medical certificate can be valid in many situations. That is why it is vital to make the certificate based on facts and nothing more. If you are to issue medical fitness certificates, you have to keep in mind the responsibilities upon making them. Continue reading the list of steps in making a medical fitness certificate in MS Word.

1. State Facts

Editable certificates are legal and valid documentation for several circumstances. A student who has been absent for too long or an employee who did not show up to work can use a medical fitness certificate to justify their absence. In general, if you are to make this kind of certificate, you have to state agreeable reasons.

2. Arrange the Content

In making a certificate, you cannot put everything all over the place. Randomly arranging the content in the sample certificate will confuse the one who is reading it. To avoid that, put things in order. For example, the title should be at the top. The middle part should contain the presentation line or the body, followed by the signature of a doctor or a physician at the bottom.

3. Make It Concise

Whether you like it or not, making a simple certificate will get you into writing. That said, compose every sentence in the certificate as concisely as possible. Use simple and brief sentences to communicate with the readers. The reason for that is to convey the message in the certificate easily.

4. Use Simple Fonts

Remember that a medical fitness certificate is a sample of a formal document. Knowing that, you should use simplified fonts. This will make the certificate nice to look at, and it will look professional.

5. Consider Formatting

Lastly, try to look at the certificate and decide whether it needs adjustments or not. You can even improve the certificate by formatting the logo, spacing, indention, borderline, and capitalization.

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