Illnesses and injuries are some main reasons why workers and employees file for sick leaves. These happenings are totally out of our control. And if you're a company doctor or physician who wishes to help them with their ailments and FMLA benefits, do so using our Medical Leave Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator. Professionally-designed, high-quality, and 100% customizable, these premium templates let you extend the extra mile of help easily and conveniently. So, feel free to keep these premium templates at your disposal. Subscribe to our affordable plans now!

How To Create a Medical Leave Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of January 2018, about 4.2 million workers missed work because they had an illness, injury, or medical problem or appointment. To help workers to catch-up with what they missed, here are the tips on how to create a Medical Leave Certificate in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use Green and Blue

Green and blue have been used as indicators for the field of medicine. Use these colors to add authenticity to your medical certificate. You can use these colors in your texts, margins, and background. Also, don't forget to have these colors in your logo too!

2. Don't Forget the Essential Details and Information

With essentials, it means the patient's medical status, findings, and personal information. Additionally, the essentials also include dates, doctor's opinions, and recommendations as well as the doctor's and patient's signature. Always include them in making a medical certificate.

3. Keep the Details Short and Simple

A medical leave certificate is also known as a "doctor's sick note", which recommends an employee to take a leave of absence for medical treatment or recovery. A "doctor's sick note" will also contain information from test results and diagnostic findings. These "notes" should be kept short and simple, so there's no need to elaborate them.

4. Always Store a Backup

Doctors are not just advocates of keeping good health, they're also advocates for making preparations related to such as well. In creating a medical leave certificate, the same degree of preparation applies to it too. So, always store an electronic backup of these certificates.

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