How to Make a Medical Leave Certificate in InDesign

There is no exact period when an illness occurs. It can come today or even tomorrow. You can be a student or an employee; there is no exception. Human beings are vulnerable to any illness. Reasons for people to get sick can be due to overfatigue, changing weather, or infectious diseases. It is the duty of a doctor to check the well-being of patients and prescribe them with the necessary actions to take to recover from their sickness. They might be prescribed with medicines, undergo surgery, or take sick leave. After taking a leave absence, most are required to submit a medical leave certificate. This commonly occurs in a work setting. So, if you are a doctor or a physician, you might need to write a medical leave certificate for your patients. Here are some steps to help you easily create this certificate through Adobe InDesign.

1. Incorporate Your Brand

Give your medical leave certificate branding. You have the choice to leave your medical certificate without any design. However, giving branding to your certificate will make it identifiable as the property of your clinic or hospital. You can simply add your logo as a way of branding it. You can also utilize colors and fonts that are predominantly used by your clinic or hospital.

2. Specify Reason for Medical Leave

Based on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), provides an employee of up to 12 weeks of unpaid absence for particular medical situations. As a doctor, it is essential that you specify your diagnosis of the employee so that their employers can understand the reason for absence. You can state that the employee has a fever, injury, impairment, or experiencing any condition that is under the FMLA. Be factual when stating your diagnosis or any medical statements on the medical certificate and not misleading. Lying on the medical certificate for the recipient can produce a negative outcome to your name and as well as your clinic or hospital. This can also risk your license as a medical practitioner.

3. State Days of Leave

Do not forget to state your recommended days off for the employee. The employer can thus understand why the employee took these certain days off. You can also provide the patient with a fitness certificate to inform the employers that the employee is physically fit to go back to work. Be sure that the days you have recommended are based on your evaluation of the patient's condition. There might be instances where an extension of the employee's leave may be required due to numerous factors.

4. Affix Signature

Licensed medical practitioners are the only ones with the right to issue a sick leave certificate. With the rampant use of fake medical certificates, it is now harder to differentiate the real from fake certificates. Affixing your signature is a method of making the document reliable and credible.

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