How To Make a Medical Leave Certificate in Apple Pages

Whenever employees or family members sustain injuries or medical conditions, the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 will give them up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. However, for them to avail of this, a medical leave certificate is required. As we already know, only healthcare providers can provide this document. If you're a medical professional and are allowed to issue this document, then refer to our guidelines to learn how to make them using Apple Pages.

1. Choose Your Format

Medical certificates are short forms, which means they don't need a lot of content or be printed on a large paper. Many certificates are printed either on a US letter or A4 paper size. Before you begin writing anything, set the corresponding paper and margin sizes.

2. Indicate the Names of the People Involved

As a healthcare provider, it's important to indicate your name to prove that it was you who examined the patient. Also, it's necessary to include the name of the patient who came in for a check-up. As always, make sure to write the content legibly.

3. Indicate the Illness or Injury

Since the employee is requesting for an extended time off, indicate what sickness or injury was found after assessing them. After making the diagnosis, determine if it will qualify for an extended unpaid leave. But if you didn't find anything, you can instead write "Free of Illness" or "Fit to Work."

4. Affix Your Signature

Your signature is essential in any legally-binding document. Since the person will be using this document to avail of the extended leave benefit under the FMLA, you need to sign the document and specify the date of signing. Also, affixing your signature will protect you from legal cases.

5. Add the Essentials

If you can, include other essential details about the patient. This should include their age, nationality, gender, birth date, and place of birth. These details will support the fact that the person is indeed the patient that you, the doctor, checked that day.

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