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What Is a Medical Receptionist Job Description?

A medical receptionist job description is a document that displays the responsibilities, duties, and qualifications of a medical receptionist.

How to Create a Medical Receptionist Job Description

According to, a medical receptionist in the USA usually earns around $32,650 and $39,709. Aside from that, every hospital or any medical facility needs a medical receptionist who can coordinate information with the doctors, staff, and patients while doing other vital stuff. With these demanding responsibilities, it's essential to hire someone who can do the job well. So, if you're looking for the best person to get the receptionist position, you need a job description. If you want help in making one, then check out the simple tips below.

1. Be Specific About the Position

Firstly, you have to specify what kind of medical receptionist position is open for the candidates on your job description. You may write a medical assistant receptionist, senior medical receptionist, or others. You have to do this so that candidates will know what specific position is open. If they find your position vague, you might lose the chance of making them apply for the position.

2. Give a Summary or Overview

To make your medical job description more familiar to the candidates, you need to provide an overview. This overview doesn't have to be long. You can use not more than five sentences for this. All you need to provide is how this position benefits your healthcare facility and to the society, as well.

3. Mention Particular Requirements

Like writing any receptionist position for the job description like for the hotel receptionist or front desk receptionist, you have to include the requirements. On this part, you need to create a careful list of these first. You can include the educational background and work experience to help you hire the right employee.

4. Itemize the Duties

Lastly, don't forget to itemize the duties on the job description. The people who wish to work in your medical or hospital facility should know the responsibilities or duties he or she should accomplish every day. Another benefit of this is that there will be a scope of how much an employee should perform and not perform to avoid misunderstandings.

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