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How to Create a Meeting Notice

Do you have an upcoming meeting this week or the next week? Then, you have to send a meeting notice beforehand to inform your attendees. A meeting notice helps your attendees know what the meeting will be and remind them when and where it will be held. And so you can start your meeting notice, check out the tips below.

1. Keep It Short

Whether you're having a school meeting, board meeting, office meeting, committee meeting, etc., you have to ensure that your notice is short. Don't make your notice long since because it would be inconvenient to your readers. Always remember that your notice should be a friendly reminder or gentle reminder email, so keep it short and formal.

2. Add the Meeting's Basic Details

Another thing, you have to include the meeting's basic details since it's a meeting reminder. Your details should include the meeting schedule (time and date). Aside from that, add the place where it's going to take place, whether it's a virtual meeting or a physical meeting.

3. Add the Agenda

Some meeting notice documents don't have a list of agendas on them, but if you want, you can. According to Doodle: The State of Meeting Report 2019, a meeting can be successful because of a clear agenda, and 67% of people believe that. So, you can list your upcoming's meeting agenda so your attendees will know what to expect during the discussion.

4. Write Your Information

Lastly, don't forget to include your information below the notice letter. You can use your email signature for that. This will show your professionalism and credibility.

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