It's the call of duty—to serve the country and be willing to die for it. This is what the military officers did years ago. That's why, with no doubt, we celebrate Memorial Day every year. Be part of the celebration and check out this trove of high-quality Ready-Made Memorial Day Flyer Templates in Microsoft Publisher. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. These templates have high-quality images and original suggestive headings to make things more convenient for you. What are you waiting for? Download one of these templates and rejoice with the brave souls!

How to Make a Memorial Day Flyer in Microsoft Publisher?

Our freedom came at a price. We are delighting in liberty because our past officers served and fought in wars years ago. So, every year, we commemorate their patriotic deeds during Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the time of the year when people remember the heroic deeds of the fallen soldiers and military officers. We also honor the military veterans' sacrifices during Veterans Day. According to Fox News, there are around 23 million veterans in the USA. Dead or alive, they deserve to be recognized for their brave hearts to serve our country.

Moreover, people celebrate differently on this federal holiday. But, the celebration gets better with more people around. If you have an upcoming Memorial Day celebration and want to invite people, you can use flyers. Here are some steps on how to make one:

1. Put Images

One of the elements that can make your flyer attractive is the use of pictures. Make use of Memorial Day images. You can use a photo of the American flag to relate it to the event. If, for instance, you have a BBQ event, you can add a picture related to it. Always remember that a single photo on the holiday flyer communicates a message to people. So, always use an image that can convey your message.

2. Use Colors

It's important to make your simple flyer beautiful, and shades can make your flyer beautiful. So, use colors on your flyer. You need to make sure that you use good color combinations so that it's pleasing to the eyes. Also, to make the colors associated with the holiday, you can use the Memorial Day color scheme. These colors are blue, white, and red.

3. Keep Message Direct to the Point

Since a flyer is a way to communicate with people, you have to transmit your message to them. You have to clearly define your purpose so you know what you want to tell people. People shouldn't take a long time understanding the printable event flyer message. They should quickly understand what the flyer is about. Avoid using any jargon or unfamiliar words. You have to consider who your target audience is, so you can know what terms are familiar to them. Also, you only have to include vital information that people need to know.

4. Provide a Call to Action

It's important to note that you have to rouse people to do something after they have read the editable flyer. You need a call to action. This is a marketing strategy that effectively tells the reader to do something. Never forget this section because this is going to help you get people to take action immediately.

5. Arrange the Flyer Contents

A well-organized party flyer is peaceful to the eyes, aside from being attractive. You need to check the alignment of the contents. Make sure that you use accurate font sizes so that everything is in order. To add, never let people lose their way while they're reading the flyer. People should easily find relevant information.

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