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How to Create a Birthday Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Birthdays are special occasions commemorating the birth of a person or the foundation of an institution. It only happens once a year, so when people celebrate such a momentous event, they usually go all out on the decorations, entertainment numbers, and most especially on food preparations. Across the globe, there are various ways on how to celebrate birth anniversaries; the most common is through giving birthday gifts, cards, and singing and wishing to the celebrant. Different customs and practices might vary in different countries, but one thing is prevalent among these celebrations, food.

Food preparation is one of the aspects of birthday celebrations that is given ample time to prepare. Often, birthday celebrants want to have good food as special people in their lives surround them. Birthdays are made more special if heartfelt messages and well-wishes are expressed, lovely presents are given, and delicious food items are served. Birthday food deserves to be presented nicely to the guests through an exquisite menu.

Whether it's a kid's birthday or an adult's coming of age, a menu is a good way to guide the guests and the celebrant on what to eat and order. If you are tasked to make one, don't worry because we got you covered, just read through the items below.

1. List all the Food Items

Before designing a birthday menu, you should gather all the information that needs to be written. Consult the caterer or the chef of the birthday event to acquire the list of food to be served on the occasion. As you gather this information, don't forget to collect other details too, like the event specifics, themes, and the number of guests or visitors.

2. Start Designing According to the Theme

Like the invitation cards, a menu should be well-designed to please anyone who sees it. Make your menu a total stand out with creative design elements and colors. If there is a particular birthday design theme, channel it into the layout of the menu. It's also a requirement that you choose the most fitting paper stock size for the menu. The standard menu sizes are as follows; 4.25 x 11 inches, 5.5 x 15 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, 8.5 x 14 inches, 11 x 17 inches, and 11 x 25.5 inches.

3. Fill the Menu with Food Items

The next step would be writing down all the birthday menu items. Choose the right fonts and sizes for your texts and choose the correct placement for your items. Allocate a special section for the drinks and cocktails items for more flair and elegance. Using Adobe Photoshop will bring ease as you execute the task of designing a personalized birthday menu. The application has tools that are useful in making a multi-designed or straightforward menu.

4. Review then Finalize the Design

After placing the menu's content, review everything, and proofread to avoid any inconsistencies. The birthday menu may be for one day use only, but you can always preserve the softcopy for future use. Finalize everything and see to it that you used the best color combinations, fonts, imagery, and other graphic design elements.

5. Proceed to Printing

Always save a copy before you exit Photoshop. When all is secured, proceed to the nearest and print shop in town for printing. Remember to use high-quality paper stock when printing to achieve a better and aesthetically pleasing design. Printing the menus can be expensive, but you must apply and employ the best materials for the best results.

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