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Download Free DIY Designs from to Prepare Menus for Pizza, Cocktails, or Other Items. We Offer Blank Samples That Are Cute, Fancy, Simple, and Other Themes. Whether You Need Menus for a Dinner Party, Chinese Restaurant, or Lunch Buffet, We Provide Printable Mockups You Can Incorporate. Edit Our Templates in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and More.See more

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    What Is a Printable Menu

    A printable menu is simply a menu created with the use of a computer device and can be printed into a physical copy. Just like other menus in general, a printable menu is a document that showcases a list of dishes and drinks. It could be a restaurant menu, a wedding menu, a dinner menu, a buffet menu, a school cafeteria menu, and many more to mention. 

    How to Create a Printable Menu in Microsoft Publisher?

    Menus do not only showcase a list of dishes and drinks. They're also a sort of invitation to entice someone to dine. This principle is especially essential for restaurants and catering services. It might be that you own such a business. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips to help you create a printable menu. 

    1. Use Microsoft Publisher

    You have a lot of options when choosing an editing software for your printable menu. But among your top choices should be Microsoft Publisher. Why should it be? It's because Microsoft Publisher has a variety of tools and features to help you efficiently align images, texts, and other objects within its page margins. Plus, Microsoft Publisher is user-friendly, which means navigating around it and operating it is convenient and easy.    

    2. Attach Picturesque Images of Your Food and Drinks

    During your meal planning activities, you've likely come up with a list of dishes and drinks that will be part of your menu. Based on your list, take picturesque images of each food and drink that are fit to be showcased on your menu. The best approach you can do is to hire a professional food photographer and let them do the magic.  

    3. Write a Short Description About Each Food and Drink

    Once you've attached all the images of each food and drink, it's time for you to write a short description about each of them. The reason why you should do this is to let the diners know what the dish or drink is made of. But before each description, make sure to include the name of each food and drink. For this process, you can use elegant font styles that enhance the overall aesthetic of the menu.  

    4. Embed a Design That Fits

    There's basically no rule when designing a food menu. However, it's best to embed a design that fits with the occasion or theme of your restaurant or catering service. For instance, if your menu is for your restaurant's Valentine's Day special menu offers, then what you must do is embed a design that has a romantic atmosphere. You can choose a red and pink color scheme, or attach clip arts of hearts and flowers. If your menu is for a Thanksgiving menu, then its design can have clip arts of turkeys, buntings, and autumn leaves. 

    5. Use Printable Menu Templates

    Creating a menu from scratch can be quite challenging, especially if you're not an adept menu designer. But there's no need to worry. Printable and editable menu templates with great default designs are available for download on the internet, most notably here in With their help, all you have to do is make some adjustments and modifications to fit with your creative ideas.