What is a Wedding Menu?

A wedding menu is a card that contains the menu that will be served to the guests on the day of the wedding. This card might display breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus depending on the couple’s preference.

How to Create a Beautiful Wedding Menu

how to create a beautiful wedding menu

What would make a beautiful wedding menu? That would be putting the appropriate intricate designs plus a creative way of presenting the menu that will be prepared on their tables. Here are some necessary pointers to follow in order to create a beautiful and creative wedding menu.

1. Break Free from the Conventional Shape

Who says all cards must be rectangular? Break free from that conventional rule and feel free to explore various printing materials that are made available nowadays such as leaves, metal, cloth, plastic, or even on electronic gadgets. Take, for example, a summer wedding menu card can be shaped after sunflowers to make it more creative and give off that warm vibe. The sky is the limit! Make sure to scroll through your choices on this page.

2. Carefully Consider your Design

It is a rule of thumb that your design should match the wedding theme. Take into consideration the group of designs, fonts, graphics, and images that you would want to use in your wedding menu template. Always remember to avoid cluttering your card’s working area with unnecessary designs. Even a simple bold color, intricate tendril details, or a unique font can be enough to make it visually pleasing.

3. Use the Right Font Type

Choosing the right font type to use for your wedding menu board or card is a big step to make. Check if the font type matches the wedding theme and if it is legible. Stay away from overly designed fonts that might make the words unreadable or make the card look crowded. Some font types to consider would be script types, brush types, cursive types, and serif fonts.

4. Choose the Menu Type Carefully

The menu that will be served on your wedding reception is the main content of your wedding menu card. How you present your menu would be very important for two main reasons: to inform and to give a heads up on the ingredients. You might have guests who are allergic to the ingredients of your menu so it’s best to mention it in your menu card. You might also want to prepare a vegetarian diet for people who don’t eat meat.

5. Set the Budget

Of course, you wouldn't want to prepare too much or be lacking in both your menu and your menu card. Refer to your final guest list to prepare the exact number of menu cards for all attending guests. Or, you can also add up a little to the estimated number just to be safe. Avoid having a poorly organized wedding by failing to set the budget ahead.

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