Have you decided what type of wedding you want? If so, you must also choose the best-suited wedding menu design for your wedding with our variety of Ready-Made Wedding Menu Templates in Adobe Illustrator. If you happen to choose a banquet wedding, beach wedding, cocktail wedding, or vegetarian wedding, we can help you design your menu easily and quickly. If you are a wedding planner or an event organizer, these templates are also for you since they are styled and formatted individually to suit both business and personal needs. Avail any of these editable Wedding Menu Templates in Adobe Illustrator today!

How to Create A Wedding Menu in Illustrator

A wedding menu is a printed document that contains all the food items that will be served during a wedding reception event. Just like restaurant menus, they may contain images of the food being served and a short description of the dish.

There is no standard wedding menu printing size. The couple or their wedding planner may choose however they want their wedding tablescapes to look like.

You may create printed wedding menus using a variety of graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), InDesign (INDD), MS Word (DOC), and Apple Pages (PAGES). The most common is Adobe Illustrator as it works best with vector illustrations. If you intend to add a lot of vector images and design components to your customized wedding menu card, then, Adobe Illustrator is the way to go.

Take a look at all the menu card-making tips that we’ve listed below. Study and apply them to your own menu design so that they are as beautiful as all your other wedding invitation and stationery design.

1. Follow Your Wedding Design Theme

When you have chosen an official theme for your wedding event, you should make sure that this theme is followed in all wedding stationery used for the wedding. For example, if want a floral wedding theme, your wedding menus, wedding invitations, wedding logo, wedding banners, wedding table cards, and other wedding templates should incorporate the same floral design elements. Doing so creates a sense of harmony that is important for any wedding ceremony.

2. Factor In Your Tablescape Design

Most wedding menu cards are placed in the guests’ tables and will be the first thing that they see about seating. But also, these tables are often decorated in a way that reinforces the wedding theme. To prevent your wedding menus from being out of place in such an elegant place setting, you must consider this when deciding how to design and where to place your wedding menu cards.

For instance, you may create table tent menus or you may create pop-up menu cards that can be placed in the middle of your tablescapes.

3. Add Menu Descriptions

There are descriptions found on restaurant menu template designs because they help entice a diner into buying a certain meal or dish. This applies when making wedding menu cards too. When you add a short description of the different dishes or courses that will be served during the wedding reception, they can be more prepared for the dining experience. This piece of information is also important for those who have food allergies or those who are on a strict diet.

4. Print on High-Quality Paper

When creating printed wedding invitations, couples and wedding planners often use high-quality paper or cardstock to make the document appear more elegant and formal. This applies when creating your wedding menu cards as well. Choose specialty paper or cardstock with a high GSM number as they are sturdier. You may also use patterned papers that reflect your wedding theme.

5. Make It Functional

Weddings are expensive. In the United States, the average wedding costs about $33,391. That is why if you want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing the quality of your wedding materials, you may make wedding menus that also serve another purpose.

For example, you may print your wedding menus, event timeline, and venue map on the same paper. This way, you do not have to separately spend for each type of wedding stationery.

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