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How to Create a Wedding Menu in Microsoft Word?

Weddings are not only limited to wedding decorations, wedding flowers, wedding venues, or wedding invitations. You won't be able to properly hold one if there isn't any food. Hence, creating a menu for the reception adds a precious touch to the event. Also, having them means that your guests will know what dishes and beverages are available and whether it's going to be a sit-down lunch, buffet dinner, or etc.

To help you make your wedding menu, here are some tips and techniques that will teach you how to do it in Microsoft Word:

1. Make Decisions

Together with your partner, thoroughly discuss the food that you want to have served during the wedding. Take into account that there are various types of dishes and cuisines to choose from. Also, you need to consider the season because there are ingredients that might be unavailable if it's not the right time. Hence, the things that need a detailed discussion and consideration are the following: the availability of food or ingredients; the prices of each dish; the appetizer, main course, drink/s, and dessert; and more. Also, if you're going for catering, estimate how many guests are sure to attend in order to compute the cost and allocate money for the payment.

2. Start Putting the Elements Together

Select a wedding menu template that will suit the theme of your event. Afterward, start determining the other technical aspects of your craft such as the size, and orientation — there is no need to choose for a file format since the templates are exclusively in Microsoft Word file formats already. For the size, you can select from (US) 8.5x11 inches, 5x7 inches, and 4.25x11 inches while for the orientations, choose between landscape and portrait. Furthermore, you may use complimenting color schemes, elegant borders or frames, calligraphy or fancy-looking fonts, attractive patterns or shapes, etc. Ensure that your components go well together and are connected to the theme. Check out samples of wedding menus if you want to have an idea as to how you should go about in the design.

3. Put the Details

Begin putting the necessary content in your menu's layout. Make sure that you come up with an editable menu that will allow you to easily make changes when needed. Carefully enter everything from the appetizers up to the desserts. Make sure that the details that you are entering are accurate in order to satisfy your attendees as well as to achieve a fabulous event. Do not put in anything that the menu shouldn't have and just include whatever has been already decided and planned.

4. Proofread

Review your work to see if you've made any errors. Presenting a menu that is flawed can lead to many potential problems. For example, you have chosen to provide guests with Italian cuisine — hence, your dishes are all Italian — but your menu consists of multiple spelling errors. Not only will it be unpleasant to look at, but it may even result in them ordering the wrong dish. So basically, go through your food menu and see to it that you've included everything that you need to and fix any mistake you come across.

5. Save and Print

Finish it by clicking on the File tab at the top and then hit the Save button. Afterward, you may print your document using a high-quality printing medium. With that, you're all set to provide your wedding attendees with perfectly made menus!

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