Many people prefer to focus on their goals before proceeding to other matters. In our case, our planners come with a minimal design to enable people to focus on the content before putting their attention on the design. If you enjoy minimalism, we have a selection of Minimalist Planner Templates in Apple Pages that you can download. 100% customizable and easily editable, these planner templates are also fully printable in the A4 and US letter paper sizes. Organize yourself, establish and reach your goals, and perform at your best by downloading a template now to start writing all your plans!

How to Make a Minimalist Planner in Apple Pages

Barbara Markway listed six reasons why we should use a planner regularly in an article posted in Psychology Today. Planners help in managing time, improving productivity, providing stress relief, promoting a multitude of health benefits, making room for creative activities, and acting as a recording tool. Get these benefits and more when you make a minimalist planner. Refer to the list of steps below to learn how to make one that's not only appealing but also effective.

1. Form the Planner Agenda

Identify aspects of one’s life that needs resolutions. Whether it is an aim to manage your finances by creating a budget or organizing one’s time to finish all tasks, you can allocate sections for them in the planner. If this is your personal planner, you can start filling out these sections right away. However, if you are making this for someone else, then make a table in each section so that it can be easily customized later. Additionally, you may specify whether the sections are for daily, weekly, or monthly planning.

2. Create Minimal Designs

The minimalist theme has become part of today's trend, which brings back the saying that "less is more". Minimal designs catch the attention of today's generation because its simplicity talks about the neatness of the material. Another advantage of minimal designs is that it prevents any distraction brought about by the graphics and forces the reader to focus on the simple planner's more important elements. If you're having a hard time keeping your planner design minimal, your next best option would be to use a planner template.

3. Prepare the Planner Output

Congregate the portions of the planner agenda you formed earlier and prepare it for printing. Select a paper size that will accommodate its contents and decide whether to go portrait or landscape. Once the document is printed, you can trim the edges to resize it to your desired measurement or fold it if you printed your planner in landscape orientation. If you want, you can, enclose your planner in a minimal book cover to make it more special.

4. Enrich the Planner Contents

Consider adding motivational quotes on the planner. Search for quotes that will relate to the sections being presented on every page. Include quotes relating to investment or anything about finances on the page where a budget plan is meant to be written. Add quotes that increase a person’s determination on the page intended for the checklist, and so forth.

5. Finalize Your Minimalist Planner

Before you start using your planner or give it to the person you're making it for, make sure that the contents are free from any misspelled words, grammatical errors, or graphical issues. Even if you're making this planner for personal use only, having a well-made planner will motivate you to religiously use it. This may seem like a minor task in the process of making your printable planner, but its impact can greatly influence your compliance.

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