How to Create a Modern Instagram Post?

Sprout Social said that 80% of Instagram users turn to the social network to decide on buying a new product or service while 83% of users discover new products on the app. With the recent extension of businesses online, it helps if you keep up with the competition on Instagram. Create your post now with our tips below.

1. Make a Plan

Instagram is a huge part of your marketing strategy. Make a plan on how to market your product or event via this social network. Illustrate this plan with a diagram. It helps if you do research and get enough details if you're promoting an event.

2. Create Layout

The layout is based on the information you have. Incorporate the right colors and graphic elements in your design. Remember that visual aesthetics is a big advantage when posting content on Instagram. Keep your layout attractive, clean, and minimal.

3. Write Content

Write a catchy content along with your layout. Images are not enough. A few convincing words can stir the audience's emotions especially on social media. Typography also matters, so choose the right font for your content. Make sure that your content is brief, clear, and urgent. An effective content gets all sorts of responses from the audience.

4. Make Final Touches

Put some final touches on your document just to see if you missed something. You can proceed with posting if there's no need for revisions.

5. Post on Feed

Write a captivating caption when you post the photo. Make sure there are no errors in spelling and grammar. Include the link to your website if necessary. Any social media post promoting products, business, or events usually contains links for pre-order reservations, etc. other users include links to their blogs for promotional purposes.

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