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How to Make a Monthly Calendar in Apple Pages

Calendars are one of the best inventions there is. It helps people remember important dates, use it as monthly calendar planners, know their schedules, and do more. It's also hard to live without it. You can always buy a calendar if you want, but if you want to personalize it, you can make one for your company or yourself. So, here are some steps that can help you make a monthly calendar:

1. Identify What Month

Since you're creating a monthly calendar, you have to be specific about what month it's going to be. Is it June, July, or others? This is unlike a yearly calendar that you will put all 12 months on the full page of the calendar.

2. Know It's Purpose

Some calendars are for general use. Some are for specific purposes. If it's for one particular purpose, then don't include other schedules that don't relate to its purpose.

3. Create Seven Columns

You have to start creating seven columns on the calendar. Then, make every column have the same size. Each column represents the days of weeks. Place each day on each column. You have to start on Sunday because it's the first day of the week.

4. Put Five or Six Rows

Some months have five rows, and some have six. This will vary depending on the month and the year. Then, you may check a simple calendar that has the same month and year of the one you will be creating. After that, you can put the numbers in their specific places.

5. Design the Calendar

If you wish to have a sample calendar that doesn't look plain, then you can design it. You can add any color you want. For a personal calendar, you can put cute designs on it.

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