How to Write the Minutes of the Meeting

Surveys provided by The Muse has shown that unproductive meetings waste more than 37 billion dollars every year. One of the reasons why meetings are unproductive and why companies lose money is because nobody takes note of what topic was discussed or what issues were resolved. To ensure that you're always able to keep a record of whatever meeting you're in, you can follow these tips to help you make a proper meeting minutes document.

1. Before the Meeting

A good minute-taker does not wait for the meeting to begin to start preparing the document. Prepare for the meeting by being familiar with the agenda and keeping track of what you already know about them. This way, you can save time and focus on important topics as the meeting is in progress.

2. During the Meeting

Build your notes as the meeting progresses. Organize your way of note-taking by differentiating actions from comments, adding necessary motions and voting if applicable, and taking note of the different actions of each person with proposed deadlines. Meeting minutes contribute to the success of the company, but they have to be written and distributed to the necessary parties within a reasonable time.

3. After the Meeting

You will want to write the formal records as early as possible, and while the details discussed are still fresh in your mind. So you have to prepare to write your minutes as soon as possible. Type out your notes in a logical order. It has to be sent out to your colleagues and managers in an organized manner to allow them to assess the actions they need to take at a glance.

4. Additional Tip

Keep the information basic and the language simple when writing your minutes. Minutes are official and legal records of company meetings. In a legal situation, the information found in the meeting minutes must be 100% accurate as it can be used as evidence of facts. Writing the minutes of the meeting in simple language will keep your company from any legal complications in the future.

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