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How to Make a Network Gantt Chart

Whether you’re doing a system implementation or scheduling project activity, Gantt charts are indispensable for such tasks. As an article from Investopedia (a business and finance resource) explains, Gantt charts use bar-shaped objects to intuitively visualize timelines. So, this diagram is perfect if you need a convenient method of time management.

Are you unfamiliar with creating a network-focused Gantt chart? No worries—continue reading below for a few tips to get yourself started!

1. Prepare a Data Table

To start, you need an application that allows you to create and edit grid tables. Some examples include Google Docs and Apple Numbers.

A Gantt chart requires two tables to function—begin with the data table. Prepare enough rows to list your timeline items (network analysis, strategic planning, etc.), along with enough columns for each item’s details (such as the start date and the expected completion date).

2. Create the Second Table

The other table in your chart document is the bar-chart table, which progressively measures a timeline’s duration. For the columns, add one for each date in your available timeframe for completing all timelines. Meanwhile, for the rows, prepare enough for listing each timeline (similar to the data table). If you align both tables next to each other, then the data table can double as the row labels for your bar-chart table.

3. Add a Title to Your Network Gantt Chart

Providing an informative title is always a good idea, especially when sharing the diagram among colleagues. At the top of your time-based document, write down a title similar to “Network Project Duration” or “Network Preparation Task.”

4. Use Your Network Gantt Chart

To use your network Gantt chart, fill in the bar-chart table’s cells for all on-going timelines as each day passes by. Refer to the information in your data table as needed.

And with that, you’ve reached the end of our tips! Finally, feel free to download our Network Gantt Chart Templates to expedite your content creation!

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