They say New Year means new life. But does it take another year to begin change? It is not. Change occurs daily, and you have to reinforce it with some resolutions and the willingness to grow. A New Year's celebration is to kick-off our continued chance to expand ourselves, and it should be a meaningful time. This is also the best time to set yourself a big goal and improve your life. Get started with the New Year's Eve celebration by sending out greeting cards to people you care about. Download our editable New Year greeting card template and begin the year with a fresh start. So, set the new year off right with our ready-made, high-quality, free, and customizable template. Don't miss the opportunity to own free templates, sign up to our website today! 

How to Design a New Year Greeting Card in Microsoft Office Word

No one should shy away from listing new year resolutions because it is a guidepost to improvement. However, proofs of abandoning resolutions after four weeks into the new year show uncanny statistics results. Based on the latest article published by Forbes, it reported that people would leave 64 percent of the resolutions after a month in 2020 without trying to aim their goals. More so, the business magazine asserted that the reasons for these dismal results are people making resolutions without values, confusing behaviors as habits, neglecting environmental factors, thinking too big, and measuring the wrong things. Still, there's no better time to reflect on the past 12 months other than the new year. There is always another chance to try out new things if your previous new year resolutions did not work for you.

Below are steps you can count on in making a New Year greeting card in Microsoft Office Word. Don't get fixated with the same old things, so get started with your New Year greeting card now!

1. Prepare a Plan

Instead of focusing on things that did not work out, divert your energy to more meaningful things this year. Making a greeting card is one thing you can be busy about. Consider setting a goal in making the card. Making the people you care for feel special or simply greeting them a "Happy New Year!" could be the reason for crafting this card. So, keep in mind the results you want to achieve once the receivers get hold of the card.

2. Develop an Appropriate Content

Developing relevant content for your card is not as hard as you think. Try to perceive the content as the flesh of the simple card. It contains all the significant goods your receivers can have. So, take the time to create insightful content. Generating relevant content does not happen in one sitting or overnight (for some). As much as possible, spare some time writing the content, and it will create a bigger impact.

3. Personalize a Message

As part of the content, a personalized message is a must-have. When it comes to greeting cards, you should not miss the chance to include a personalized message for your receivers. A mass-produced letter is not endearing and not unique at all. It lacks originality and sincerity. If you want to be thoughtful, spend some time handwriting a letter. Or, a digitally composed message will be as effective, too.

4. Enhance Your Presentation

You can add more visual elements to your greeting card by providing a simple envelope. You can find downloadable envelope templates online to make your task more convenient. Or, you can opt to create a customized envelope if you still have time. An envelope will keep your card sturdy and enhance its presentation.

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