What is a Notice?

A notice is a means of professional or formal communication. It is typically written and exhibited in a public area that is accessible by many. It aims to formally inform, warn, or notify about a fact which is required to be created in law or imparted by a law operation. Thus, somehow making it a legal document that basically used to announce.

How to Create Notice Templates?

There are several kinds of notice, such as resignation notice, payment notice, eviction notice, warning notice, contract cancellation notice, and notice to vacate. Regardless of the wide variety of notice present, you should follow a format that is quite similar to each other for uniformity and comprehension purposes.

1. Choose a Template to Download

Use a template to make your work easier. We are giving you the chance to not start from scratch, so make the most out of it. Pick a notice template from our site. Just make sure that it is appropriate for your craft. If you intend to make a two weeks notice, the template that you should select should be the two weeks notice template and not the others. Also, choose a size for your notice. We have provided you excellent options for the sizes: A4 and US Letter.

2. Start With the Header

Just like memos and letters, creating notices should start by making the header. Write the name of the organization that is issuing the document at the topmost part. Follow it up with the title of which is the word "NOTICE" in capital letters to attract attention. It is because the target of this formal document is the public; that is why it needs something that will act as a magnet for people's attention. To complete the header, you must input the date. However, if it is a letter type of notice, its heading should be done similar to every letter's letterhead.

3. Finish the Content

Set a formal tone in writing. Your message should be weighty and concise but not like the conciseness of a memo. Your content should answer the W questions like what the notice is all about, where is the location, when is the date and time, and who are the addressees or contact persons. Take note of your language. Make sure that it is formal, like your tone. There should be no beating around the bush and flowery words, be direct.

4. Close Formally

You should close your document in a formal manner. You cannot just leave it hanging. If it is the sample letter type of notice like a resignation notice, which intends to notify the employer that the employee wants to quit his job. Then, you may do it like how it is done with letters — putting a complimentary close, sender's name and position, and signature. However, if it is a warning notice, there is no need to put the said sections. You can wrap it up in that last paragraph by summarizing and including a suggestion.

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