How to Write a Notice to a Tenant

According to Freddie Mac, there around 23 million single-family rentals located in the U.S. And speaking of rentals, if you own a rental property, and you have information to tell your tenant, you can do that through the use of a notice document. But if you have little knowledge or need some little help in making a notice, the steps below will help you.

1. Make Your Message Clear

Before you start, identify the kind of message or information you want to tell your tenant. Is it about lease agreement, violation, eviction, inspection, lease termination, lease renewal, rent default, or others?

Be sure that you're only focusing on the main information when you're writing your notice to ensure that you're clear. Additionally, use concise and clear sentences so you can convey the message clearly.

2. Write the Necessary Information

Next, you have to make sure that your simple letter contains all the necessary information so your tenant won't be asking you again. For instance, you're writing a notice to the tenant of rent default, you have to write the rent's amount the tenant has to pay, the deadline of payment, consequence of not paying the rent, and other necessary details.

3. Be Professional

Another essential tip you need to follow is to be professional in writing the notice letter. To sound professional, you have to use formal language to show seriousness in your tone. A formal language also establishes a formal relationship between you and your tenant.

4. Keep It Short as Possible

To make your printable notice more readable and more convenient to your tenant, you may keep it short. Don't add information that has nothing to do with the objective of your message.

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