Nurses are one of the busiest people in healthcare centers and hospitals. For them, every minute counts. For that, we want to provide an easy route to doing their job through a flowchart. Flowcharts are great communication tools to guide them in the process of doing something. Here is a collection of first-rate Nursing Flowchart Templates in Apple Pages. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. They are available in A4 & US Letter Sizes. These charts will help you smoothen workloads! What are you waiting for? Boost productivity and download these templates now!

How to Make a Nursing Flowchart in Pages

Healthcare centers and hospitals need nurses to take care of their patients. Every year, the demand for nurses grows. The positive thing is that for the years 2018 until 2028, there will be growth for the employment of registered nurses. It is predicted to increase by 12 percent.

One of the reasons why the demand gets higher is because of the aging population who need more medical attention. By this, the nurses' jobs become more hectic and twice as demanding. Regardless of the reasons why nurses become busier, healthcare stations have to find ways to make their work more efficient. One of the methods for this is through a flowchart.

Here are steps on how to construct an effective flowchart:

1. Identify What the Flowchart Is For

There are a lot of purposes for why you may be making a flowchart. Identify what the flowchart is for. Are you going to use a simple chart as a guide for emergencies? Do you want to make a guide on what to do in taking a patient's history or sample? It's always good to start on what the flowchart is about. This way, you'll have a direction into where you're going while you're making the chart.

2. Assess the Kind of Flowchart

Flowcharts come in various kinds. You have to decide what works for you. There is the swim lane flowchart, the workflow diagram, the yes or no flowchart, process flow diagram, and others. These basic charts have different functions, so you have to know what you have to use.

3. Examine the Steps

Now, it's time to breakdown the process. Make a list of the steps that you have to include in the chart. Contemplate on the steps that your flow diagram has to have. The thing is, don't forget to make clear phrases that are easy to understand. Don't put long sentences and, as much as possible, you have to limit them. You don't want the nurses to take time in reading the chart instead of saving time. After that, it's time to organize the list and finalize it, so that you can proceed to the next step.

4. Start Editing

After completing the list, you can now start making the editable flowchart in Apple Pages. A flowchart has different shapes with different functions, so use them appropriately. For example, an oval shape represents the beginning and the end of the process. You can try to check nursing flowchart examples and try to identify their use of the shapes if you have little knowledge. You also have to use color-coding on the shapes, so that's easier to identify.

5. Use a Template

If you choose not to start from scratch, then download a printable chart template. Using a template will save you time because the shapes and the colors are already provided. You will only have to customize its contents. When you're done, check if everything is in order. After that, you can now print and use it.

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