How to Make an Office Flowchart in Google Docs

Are you having a bit of trouble organizing your business’ office staff? Do you need to put together some kind of reference that they can rely on for their workflows and protocols? It’s important that your employees are guided accordingly, ensuring that they have efficient productivity for their output and observe proper conduct within the company. So, why not consider putting together a well-made flowchart for such a task?

As summarized from a page on, a flowchart is typically used to plainly and directly explain how a task or procedure should be carried out. This makes flowcharts effective as visual aids for employees to refer to when needed. Plus, a flowchart is easy to set up with how plainly you can make them without sacrificing their quality in function.

To aid you in composing a flowchart without taking up too much of your time, we have our collection of Ready-Made Office Flowchart Templates for you to download and edit as you like! Each flowchart sample has been designed for quick and easy customization, so anyone can use them without a hitch. What’s more, we have several tips below that’ll show you how to use our templates with Google Docs.

1. Pick a Flowchart from our Many Choices

Are you too busy to fuss about making a flowchart or any other diagram from scratch? Not confident with your own editing skills? Well, none of that will be a problem with our office-based flowchart templates! Every sample from our library is made for even amateurs to easily take advantage of, allowing you to work with little to no hassle and save time from having to do tedious designing on your own.

When saving a template to your storage, be sure to pick a folder that’s easy to access later.

2. Edit Anytime and Anywhere With Google Docs

For the busy manager or executive on the go, Google Docs is the right application for you. Not only it is free to use on your desktop computer with a registered Google account, but it’s even available to install on both Android and iOS devices!

Have you made a decision on which flowchart template works for you? Good!

Open the template file in Docs and start making the appropriate changes to it. Replace all of the placeholder content with a summary of the system or process that you need to explain. Remove any excess text bubbles.

3. Incorporate Other Handy Tools to Your Work

Got a bunch of tasks and meetings to keep track of? Then put together a planner to help you out.

It can be a headache to try and recall what you still need to take care of. So, go ahead and prepare a checklist for your reference.

4. Ready to Present

Now that your custom flowchart is done and ready, you can now utilize it however needed; whether to print it out, email it, pass it around, or whatever else. Alleviate the stress of elaborating steps and procedures with our Ready-Made Office Flowchart Templates!

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