The office schedule varies depending on the nature of the business and services that the company is providing. Some offices would open for 24 hours, such as in the BPO industry, particularly call centers. Some would only require 8 hours of work while other companies require 12 hours for four days. Our ready-made Office Schedule comes with different layout style and design that suits your office schedule needs. The templates are  100% downloadable, editable, and printable. Available file formats are in Adobe PDFApple PagesMS Word, and Google Docs. All you need to do is to subscribe through our website through for more business deals. 

How to Create an Office Schedule in Docs

Does crafting a schedule consumes your time for other tasks? There is no need to worry because we provided you some tips to make it easier for you to create one. All you need to do is to follow the steps below to guide you on your way of making an office schedule:

1. Consider Studying Your Company's Nature of Services

Why is it so? Studying your company's nature of business will help you craft a schedule easily. You also need to know the services and number of employees for you to determine the timetable that you want to implement on your company. Whether you are the owner, the Human Resource Manager, or even the Manager, it is necessary for you to do this.

2. Open Google Docs

Open the magic editing tool called Google Docs on your computer or laptop. Create a new document to start crafting your schedule layout. Insert the table where you want to put your description. The number of rows and columns will vary on the number of categories that you want to incorporate on your layout. And when done, input the necessary details inside the table.

3. Review the Layout and Information

Before printing your simple schedule, it is necessary for you to review the details of your office schedule. Make sure that you have checked the technicalities, including the time so that this will avoid any confusion from the different departments. After reviewing, you need to meet with the management if they have agreed to your suggestion and your layout.

4. Print and Follow the Schedule

The last step is to keep a copy of the schedule for yourself on your laptop or computer. You can also save a copy from websites like Google Drive or Yahoo Mail. Lastly, print a copy of your layout and implement it in your company.

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