From military outposts to airline agencies, any company or organization always has various tasks that need taking care of. And, in order to achieve this, setting up a proper organizational structure is essential. With a well-planned hierarchy for an operations department, processes and procedures are carried out more effectively. So, to help arrange your own chain of command, we’re offering our professional Operations Organizational Chart Templates! Instantly download and customize our easily editable samples for Google Docs, which allows for convenient editing with just a browser and internet connection. Don’t keep waiting and download today--create a hierarchical diagram for property management, medical services, and more!

How to Make an Operations Organizational Chart in Docs

As explained by Investopedia (a business and finance resource), an organizational chart is a useful diagram for outlining each personnel’s hierarchical position within a group. Because of this, it’s especially crucial for establishing a chain of command within a group project or operating department--be it a maintenance crew, finance department, or product development.

Putting together an organizational chart in Google Docs is fairly simple and doesn’t take up too much time. However, if you’re still unfamiliar with how to do so, then simply read our comprehensive tips just below!

1. Utilize Google Docs’ Drawing Tool

A primary advantage of making an organizational chart in Google Docs is the built-in drawing feature, which allows for simple yet intuitive diagram creation. After opening a new blank file, go to Insert > Drawing and then click on New, which opens up a new secondary window within Doc’s interface.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Operation’s Hierarchy

Before working on the diagram, it’s imperative that you understand how an organizational chart’s structure works. At the very top or center of your hierarchy is where the operation’s highest authorities are placed (such as an office manager or vice president). As you proceed downwards or out to the sides, subordinates under each higher position are listed, with succeeding layers having more and more personnel within.

3. Inserting Content into Your Operations Organizational Chart

Starting off, add a title at the very top of the field (in the Drawing window). Click on Text Box and click-drag to set up the title’s space. Then, in the text box, type in a fairly descriptive name for your organizational chart--like “Personnel Health Plan” or Hospital Facility Maintenance.” If changes are needed later on, simply click the text box and make your adjustments.

After that, add the shapes for containing the members’ names and titles. To the left of Text Box, click on Shape and take your pick. And, similar to the text box, click-drag in the desired spot and then type in the contents--remember that the person’s title is positioned over their name. Furthermore, when connecting the shapes, click Select Line (to the left of Shape) and position the chosen line accordingly between shapes.

4. Using Complimentary Visuals

There are various methods of sprucing up your operations organizational chart! For example, click an existing shape and use the Fill Color option for a bit of color-coding. There’s also the Image feature for inserting pictures from your computer’s storage or directly from an online search, which is good for adding some extra iconography or visual aid.

And so, by remembering these tips, making a unique organizational chart design is a breeze! What’s more, if you need further help, then do consider our Operations Organizational Chart Templates!

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