There’s nothing like a fun party to commemorate the holidays or other special events. However, before you actually get to the celebrations, you need to do a bit of preparing. So, depending on what kind of party you’re planning, you might have to put together some cards. Allow us to help out with our Ready-Made Party Card Templates! Quickly compose invitations or post-party greetings with these printable and easily-editable designs, each compatible with Microsoft Publisher. These templates are expertly-crafted to meet industry standards, equipped with CMYK color space and 300 DPI resolution. Celebrate a graduation party or cocktail party with our professional, 100% customizable templates!

How to Make Party Cards in Microsoft Publisher

Our desire to celebrate and indulge in parties, be it big or small, has been around since early human history. In turn, certain party practices have also been present for just as long, one of which is the use of invitations. In fact, the earliest known party invitation was for a birthday all the way back during AD100! And, to this day, invitations and other card-based materials are still being used to complement various get-togethers.

Compose party-centric cards with ease by downloading any of our Ready-Made Party Card Templates! If you’re having trouble putting together your own party menu or activity itineraries, then these templates can help you out with their editable and professionally-made designs. And, if you need a hand with how to start, just check out our comprehensive tips down below!

1. Think About Your Design Plan

So, before even touching your template, you need to put some thought into how you want your card to look, putting consideration into the type of party you’re preparing and what the card’s function is going to be. Is it going to be private or public? Do you need a menu? Should you keep track by using a party checklist?

2. Pre-Party Material

When it comes to private events, prepping some invitations might be in order. If it’s going to be a formal party (eg, a dinner party), then you’ll want a template with a sleek and classy design, using colors that are subdued yet not bland. For more energetic and lighthearted parties (like a kid’s birthday or outdoor barbecue), go with a template that looks fun and lively.

There are also parties that are open to the public, which means a bit of advertising is gonna be involved; you’ll want to use some party flyers instead of invitation cards. Find places with good foot traffic to distribute your handouts--a park might be a good choice. If you intend on plastering them somewhere, be respectful of any notices against posting bills and get permission for areas that require it.

3. During and After the Party

There are several different kinds of cards you can use while the event is taking place. And, depending on what kind of party it is, there’s material suited for certain events.

A dinner or cocktail party would benefit from a menu card. Something with planned activities or events could use copies of the schedule for attendees to read. For a host’s utility needs, keeping around a party itinerary or checklist can help keep track of various things going on in the party.

Once the event’s over, there are cards that you can also incorporate for stuff like afterparty goodies or thanking guests for coming.

4. Make Sure Your Cards (and Other Templates) Are Good to Go

Before adding the final touches to any of your templates, keep going over everything until you’ve corrected any mistakes you might find. It’d be a bit embarrassing to have a type-o in your invitations or putting in the wrong schedule for the party in your handouts.

Get ready for your tea party or open-house barbecue with our creative party templates!

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