The salary employees get after a period of labor is a motivating factor for them to keep working productively. Salary is a reward after all, and they just can't wait to harvest the fruit of their hard work. At the employers' end, they assure their employees to be transparent about the numbers they get. There is this particular department in a company that makes sure that these numbers are correct. It is the payroll department that does this and other things regarding your salary. If you are part of the payroll team, our Payroll Flowchart templates are just suited for you. They are ready for your customization in the Apple Pages of your Mac devices. Regulate the workflow of your team now, and release pays in no time!

How to Create a Payroll Flowchart in Apple Pages

Before even getting our much-awaited salary, the payroll diligently and accurately processes the numbers that every employee must get. If you are part of the payroll team, below is a guide for making a flowchart to get your work systemized.

1. Document the Payroll System

Companies have their ways of getting their payroll functions done. They are either employing a manual or computerized payroll system. Gather in a list the steps of your company’s payroll process that coincides with the type of payroll system your company is using.

2. Delve Each Payroll Step

Flowcharts are great decision-making tools. There will be sections in the payroll process wherein a decision should be made. Emphasize this part by writing it alongside the step that is associated with it.
Flowcharts are also great guide tools. Determine if there are certain inputs and outputs that the payroll steps require to acquire or produce. An example of it is the attendance and timekeeping record.

3. Set up the Process on a Chart

Draw the chart using shapes. Arranging the payroll process steps in order, put them inside the shapes that will represent their functions on the flowchart. Connect them with lines to show the payroll system flow. Review everything after.

4. Design the Flowchart

This diagram may only be used for internal purposes, but applying customizations to the chart will improve its effectiveness. The whole payroll process will be easily understandable, and every step will be easily distinguished if they are instructions, decision points, etc. A simple chart design will do.

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