How to Make a Personal Planner in Apple Pages

Having an organized plan to sort out your life can be a huge help and can save you from unwanted headaches when remembering your priorities. Be it in a chronological format that’s daily or weekly (or even monthly), our Ready-Made Personal Planner Templates are sure to come in useful for managing your day with!

Don’t have a reliable app on your Mac desktop to edit our templates with? Well, Apple Pages is the answer that you’re looking for! If you’d like some guidance on how to utilize our templates with the help of Pages, then just follow the easy steps found below.

1. Download Apple Pages from the App Store

If you’re worried about shelling out some cash to get Apple Pages, then rest assured since the app is free. The only thing that you’ll need to “pay” is a visit to Apple’s online App Store to download and install Pages!

What if you have an iPad or iPhone instead? Well, Pages is also compatible with iOS devices, so you can still fully customize our templates even without access to a Mac computer! Pages even comes compatible with Apple Pencil, allowing for a more intuitive method of interacting with the app.

2. Pick a Suitable Template to Download

Do you have Pages installed yet? Up next is downloading a planner template that works for you. To download any of our editable Ready-Made Personal Planner Templates (featured on this page), click on the thumbnail that corresponds to your desired template; a new tab will open in your browser. On the new browser tab, simply click on the large download button provided on the page. Follow the quick steps that pop up and you’ll have your template file saved onto your computer/device storage. You might also find a schedule template useful for planning your day.

3. Edit Your Template File Using Apple Pages

After you have Pages installed and your personal planner template downloaded, it’s time to start racking your brain. Your template comes with an appealing premade layout design that you can customize however you need to, so go ahead and fill out the provided spaces with whatever that’s necessary.

As you edit your template file while working on your plan, be sure to use a font that’s going to be easy to read back later; be mindful of the style and color. The template contains several different sections (such as a timetable) that can each serve you differently in writing your plan; use every one of them to make the most out of your template.

You can also choose to print out your template as is upon download, making it a good fit if you prefer to write everything down by hand. Remember to use a good-quality pen or pencil.

4. A Handy Planner to Carry Around

It’s a good idea to have your personal planner with you as often as possible, since you never know when you might need to make changes to it. And, with Pages being available on iOS, even a digital copy can be updated wherever you might be.

Whether you need to sort out your medication schedule or keep your meals in check, Apple Pages and our versatile planner templates are just what you need for your day-to-day life!

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