Your pets, regardless of the kind, are part of the family. Since they're family, they also need certificates to verify something. These certificates can authenticate that the pet is legally adopted, justify the pet's date of birthdate, and others. So, if you have to make one, here's a stock of beautiful Pet Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator (AI). These are downloadable, easily editable, and printable. Each is available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. They also have CYMK color with 300 DPI resolution. Download one of these templates and give the pets the best certificates they can ever own!

How to Make a Pet Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

It's not only the human beings who need certificates, but even pets can also have certificates, too. These documents can certify or attest something about your pets. There are different kinds of pet certificates like health certificate, birth certificate, dog adoption certificate, and more. So, if you need to make one, here are the tips that you can use:

1. Add Designs

Adding a design on the modern certificate is going to make it appear more beautiful. You can add colors to the border or add cute images of an animal like a dog or a cat. But make sure that your certificate still looks formal even with the designs around it.

2. Restrain from Using Too Many Typographies

Typographies can make your basic certificate's text look better. But, you have to make sure that you will not use too many of them. You can limit the number of typographies to three.

3. Add Factual Details

A printable certificate has to have factual information on it. The details on it can vary because there are different kinds of certificates. Examples of the details you can put are the name of the pet and its owner.

4. Place the Logo

You have to put the logo of the company or organization that gave the certificate. The logo is essential for branding and can help the owner of the certificate determine where the certificate is from.

5. Provide a Place for Signature(s)

There are important people who need to sign the certificate to make it legit. These people can be the owner of the pet, the veterinary physician or doctor, or the pet store owner. You can put their name on the bottom of the certificate where they can sign.

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