Humans need medicines and health products to prevent and treat diseases, disabilities, and functional deficiencies. That's why pharmaceutical companies are working their best to come up with effective medical drugs. May it be in a pharmaceutical company, medical hospital/clinics, or pharmacy, process mapping is vital to produce the best medicines and health products and serve patients efficiently. We offer Ready-Made Pharma Flowcharts in Apple Pages file format that can help you come up or improve your organization's process flow. You can download and print these in A4 and US Letter sizes. Be efficient today! Download a printable chart template now!

How To Make A Pharma Flowchart In Apple Pages

It's obvious how important the pharma industry as a global sector is. Why wouldn't it? They are responsible for the development, production, and marketing of medicines and health products. Without them, we cannot prevent and treat people with illnesses and diseases. In short, our lives might be shortened without them. Did you know that NYC-based Pfizer is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company? That's according to data shown in Statista.

In pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and pharmacies, having a healthcare system is vital. That's why they have what they call as the standard operating procedure or SOP for short. And through flowcharts, everyone working in the organization would have a clear visual understanding of how processes should be done correctly. Don't have one for your organization yet? Follow our guide to create a pharma organizational chart in Apple Pages using Mac.

1. Identify the Purpose

To start things off, understand the purpose of why you need to create a flowchart. Is this for the ordering process of your pharmacy? Or perhaps for your pharmacy's billing process? Maybe it's for your pharmaceutical company's production process?

2. Produce the Right Steps

Once you've understood the purpose of your flowchart, you can now start creating the steps. For this, make sure you work with others to come up with efficient and effective process flows. Also, it's best if you talk with the people working behind the process so you can get some advice since they're the ones who know it exactly. Make sure you list the steps in the right order to avoid confusion later on!

3. Form the Flowchart

First off, open Apple Pages on your Mac and create a new document. Next stop, add the shapes and supply them with your steps. Having trouble picking a shape? Go with the standard rounded rectangular shape to be safe. Also, for your readers to follow the flow of the process easier, use arrows as your connector.

And while you're slowly forming the chart, be sure to save your work from time to time, or you could lose your work when your Mac or Apple Pages itself start to malfunction. If you wish to avoid all these hassles, use a ready-made template. Check out our list of editable chart templates to find the perfect template for your pharma flowchart.

4. Supply the Additional Details

You're almost done! Now that you're finished forming the chart, it's time to make your final touches. This includes adding color to your shapes and incorporating your company logo. Remember, this is a formal document, so avoid putting in design elements to the chart. The color is enough to bring your flowchart to life.

5. Recheck and Post

After putting up everything, don't forget to recheck your work because there might be mistakes and errors which you didn't notice as you were making the chart. Once you've finalized everything, go ahead and save and print it. Be sure to print it on a high-quality paper and post this on a visible space in your offer for everyone to see.

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