How to Create a Photographer Job Description in Google Docs

With the demand for creative professionals in today's setup, especially photographers, companies gather them up in the hopes of benefiting from the skills and knowledge that they've mastered. And for them to be able to do that, they'll have to make professional job descriptions and post them on classified ads or job finder sites. However, there are still a lot of essential aspects that you need to consider before you can make even one job description. Lucky for you, we'll show you they are through our guide below.

1. Visualize the Work Environment

Although you might think that this process is the least significant part of your photographer job description creation, you still need to consider that implementing work grounds and procedures for your desired vacant position doesn't just come out of the blue. By visualizing the work environment, you'll be able to gather the essential job specifications that you'll want to list down into the job description.

2. Do Some Research

Aside from your work environment visualization, thorough research is also a necessary process that needs to be done upon creating the job description. You'll want to know exactly what qualifies as a professional photographer in the industry, meaning that you'll want to find out things like what skills and knowledge they should possess in order to do the job right. For this process, you can choose to refer to sample job descriptions that are on different websites or check out job ads from other companies.

3. Identify the Specific Title

Considering that photographers also vary in terms of their specialization, like for portraits, events, or travel, make sure to identify the photographer that you're looking for before you create your job description. If you want to hire a freelance photographer, then see to it that the title that you need is clearly stipulated in your job description document.

4. Write the Job Summary

Along with your visualizations and gathered research, you are now set to begin crafting the job summary of your photographer job description. Upon writing it, see to it that you include what the job entails and whether or not you'll be providing certain equipment. Keep in mind that your summary should provide a hook factor that would entice the applicant to become one of your employees. You can say that they'll be working with a line of professionals or that they'll be traveling to different areas for scenic photography. Just make sure that what you've stated is relevant to the position you're hiring.

5. Establish the Salary and Benefits

See to it that you also include a brief detail of your job's salary and other compensations. Again, you'll want to do your research to see exactly what kind of salary a professional photographer should be receiving. As for benefits, this ultimately depends on you. An example of a few good benefits that you can provide would be that you're willing to pay for transportation and their meals for any events that they cover or that they'll be provided with any equipment they need for better shots.

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