What is a Photographer Resume?

The same as any other resume, a photographer's resume is a well-written piece of document that is used by a particular applicant to employ his/herself to a company. It usually contains a vying character background, such as skills, academic records, and accomplishments.

How to Create a Photographer Resume

There's no doubt that the demand for photography services declined over the past years. Considering the availability of the high definition smartphone cameras that are available in the market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathered data that there would be a -6% decline for the photographers in the year 2018-2028. However, one can still never disregard the importance of photographers in today's business set-up, for this occupation is still highly in demand, particularly for events and product promotions.

That is why if you've got the vying qualities to become a professional photographer, make sure that you set all your skills, background, and portfolio in a professionally structured resume. And we're glad to help you achieve through our guide below.

1. Study your Job

Before you formally craft your photographer resume into the sheets, there is still an important aspect that you need to consider upon creating one—weighing your job expectations. Although you may not see it as vital in your resume creation, you need to remember that your aim in creating one resume is to come up with a quick impression. And for you to achieve it, you need to see to it that you establish yourself from your job expectations before you lay your hands into your resume document. You can choose to scan first through a job description and suit yourself for the nature of your future job.

2. Gather your Vying Qualities

Since you aim to display and allow your employer to know what are your skills and background are, plotting your vying qualities as a future employee into your resume document is a need for you. Start this process by identifying the relevant accomplishments and experiences that would employ you as a photographer. You can choose to jot it down using a separate sheet or checklist.

3. Choose a Resume Format

Considering that there are different types of resume formats that you can choose to have, you might as well pick the right format that would suit your photography resume document. You can opt for resume formats such as chronological, functional, combination, and targeted. However, if you purposely aim to write a resume as a beginner or fresher, a conventional chronological resume format is the best for you.

4. Sort your Resume's Structure

Following your chosen resume format and your suited program application, you can now begin structuring your resume's structure in a digital board. Upon sorting your resume, be mindful of your overall presentation of details, such as your personal info, educational attainment, and skills. Avoid making it too long. As much as possible, have it on a one-page so that you can achieve a concise document.

5. Craft a Separate Cover Letter

So that you can secure that you're at par on your goal to impress hiring officers, creating a separate cover letter that would provide a gist of how exactly qualified are you for your aimed job position is a need for you. Although most of the companies nowadays don't bother on having a cover letter in a job application, you still need to make sure that you're prepared.

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