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How to Make a Photography Brochure in Adobe InDesign

According to the data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 54,830 professional photographers employed in the US in 2013. And as technology progresses, the number is expected to rise, along with the demand for wedding photography, architectural photography, newborn photography, and more. Now, to stay on top of your competitors, your photography skills and expertise are not enough. You also need the right marketing tool that will help you expose your business to the public.

This is where brochures come in. A brochure is a marketing tool that allows photographers to advertise their photography services, as well as gather potential clients. It's the best marketing tool for building a strong foundation. So to help you create an enticing photography brochure in Adobe InDesign, we have provided a guide below.

1. Prepare Your Design Layout

Brochures come in different sizes and folding styles, so start off with selecting a brochure size and folding style. Bifold or trifold? 8.23×11.69 inches, 8.27×11.69 inches, or 8.5×11? Once you have decided, you may now think of a design layout for your brochure. If you're not good at designing, you don't need to hire a graphic design artist for this. All you need is a premade brochure design layout template, and you're good to go. Check out our Photography Brochure Templates that are editable and customizable in Adobe InDesign. And when choosing a template, keep in mind that it should match the type of layout that you want so you don't have to make a lot of changes.

2. Specify What Kind of Photography Services You Cater

Do you specialize in newborn photography? In wedding photography? Or perhaps in landscape photography? Specify the kind of photography services you offer on your simple brochure. Because if you don't, people will assume that you're an expert and you cater to all types of photography services.

3. Input All the Necessary Details

A useful brochure contains all the necessary details that your target audience should know about. So to complete your brochure, add in a short description of your business, your catchy slogan, packages and services offered, prices, discounts and promotions (if there is one), studio location, contact details, website, and social media page. Don't forget to add your logo as well.

4. Give Your Best Shots and Use High-Resolution Photos

Unlike portfolios, wherein you can incorporate a good number of photos, brochures can only cater to a few. Thus, choose your best shots to feature in your brochure to impress your target audience. And make sure they're all in high-resolution. You don't want to give the impression that your photos are of low quality.

5. Review Your Work before Printing

Mistakes can happen at times, but it's not all the time that you'll be able to notice them. Thus, the importance of reviewing your work once you're finished. And double-check before printing, just to make sure. Now, go ahead and distribute your elegant brochures to public areas to gather more clients.

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