How to Make Photography Brochures in Apple Pages

As a photographer, you have the ability to instantly capture and immortalize wonderful moments passing by in our world. These days, with how widespread the standard smartphone has become, taking a decent selfie (or any other type of photo) is merely trivial effort. However, even with the current advancements in our picture-taking technology, it’s still hard to beat the kind of results you get from professional equipment and the creative mastery of photography. And so, there is still relevance in hiring photography services, especially for special events and occasions.

With that being said, your own business won’t be pf much use if you can’t get the word out about what you have to offer. That’s why we’ve created a diverse selection of Ready-Made Photography Brochure Templates for you to download and use as you please! You’re sure to get plenty of clients interested in hiring you if you take advantage of our various brochure samples.

“Why should I use brochures?” you’re probably wondering. As stated in a page from, brochures are one of the cheapest handouts to produce while still providing plenty of printing room to advertise with. What’s more, we’ve prepared a list of easy tips that show how to quickly put together brochures using Apple Pages.

1. Find and Download a Brochure Template for Your Photography Business

Not sure where to start? Need help thinking of a design for your brochure? No need to fret--simply browse through our Ready-Made Photography Brochure Templates and pick out a sample that suits your taste! Our brochure designs come with all sorts of vector illustrations and stylish imagery; you’re sure to find a template that’s to your liking.

2. Use Apple Pages to Develop Your Brochure

When it comes to a Mac desktop (and iOS device), Apple Pages is an exceptional app to use for editing purposes. Streamlined yet functional, it’s hard to overlook this software’s own merits!

After you nab one of our brochure templates and saved it to your computer, it’s time to translate your creativity in photography into designing your pamphlet’s layout. You won’t break a sweat handling these samples, since they’re all made for even beginner artists to get the hang of.

To really get readers interested in your services, the written content of your brochure should be up to snuff too. If you can’t get as much inspiration in writing as you can with visual media, then you can instantly find online resources to maintain good written quality.

3. Reel in Clients With Other Means Too

Don’t just stop with using brochures to advertise yourself--there are plenty of other ways to do that!

Make some flyers to hand out and plaster around places with lots of foot traffic. Set up a website to establish an online presence and provide potential clients with another means of contacting you.

4. Expose Your Photography Services to the World

Once you’re done taking care of all your promotional material, you’re ready to start raking in more attention for your craft. Use our brochure templates to compose a bifold or trifold leaflet and get hired for weddings, photoshoots, and so much more!

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