How To Make A Photography Flowchart In Google Docs

Photographers use their skills and expertise to produce stunning photos and make it as a business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers in 2018 earn $16.35 a month. Right now, the demand is high, and the pay is high. And of course, clients would expect awesome photography skills from them. For a photographer to achieve this, he or she needs to follow a certain workflow. From setting up your camera and other equipment, everything must be done accordingly to avoid making mistakes during the shoot.

This can be achieved with a process flowchart. Because with a flow diagram, you'll know what to do from start to finish. Follow the guide below on how you can create a flowchart that you can use for your photography business or hobby.

1. Determine the Purpose

Before you start creating the flowchart, determine the exact purpose of why you need it first. Is it to guide you in setting up your camera? Maybe a guide for your production crew? Or perhaps a tool that you can use for your wedding photography business? Whatever your reason is, you must determine the purpose so you can come up with a better workflow.

2. Prepare a Template

Open Google Docs on your laptop or PC and create a new document. For your template, you can either create one from scratch or use a ready-made template. Our website offers blank chart templates, so you don't have to waste your time by creating a flowchart from scratch. They're 100% customizable and editable so that you can incorporate your text, color, font, etc. in Google Docs. But if you want to make one from scratch, start with a blank document.

3. Come Up with an Efficient Process Flow

This is the part where you create the steps. For this, work together with your team. Analyze each step and visualize how the steps will be executed. Keep in mind that your steps must be both convenient for your team and your client. Keep your actions precise and concise. Also, make your list in chronological order, so that it's easy for you to input the steps on your template later.

4. Form the Chart

Now that you've identified the purpose, prepared a template, and created the steps, it's time to build the chart. Get your list of steps and start inputting it on the shapes. To add a text, simply double click the shape. You don't have to keep on saving your work from time to time since Goggle Docs will do it for you.

5. Add Color and Other Design Elements

Lastly, add color to your shapes. This will make your basic chart look lively. Also, if you have a logo, don't forget to add it to a prominent spot. Once you're done with everything, thoroughly check your work to see if there are any mistakes. And if you're already satisfied with how it looks, hit the Save button so you can publish or print your chart.

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