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How To Create a Photography Lookbook in Adobe InDesign

There's no doubt that photographs are worth a thousand words, especially if we talk about the 0.3% annual growth of the photography industry for the year 2014 to 2019, as gathered by IBISWorld. Come to think of this idea, despite the capability of any person to take photos in a particular event; still, the demand for photographers even increases. If this sounds an interesting idea for you, then our guide below allows you to captivate your potential clients on investing in your photography talent and services through a lookbook. Here's how:

1. Establish the Mood 

Since you opt to showcase your collection of photographs that gives out concept or trend to your particular audience, you need to make sure that your desired lookbook is alluring in terms of its aesthetic beauty. Maybe you want to have a minimal lookbook motif for your wedding photography output or a stylish one for your digital photography services. Regardless of your chosen lookbook theme, make sure that it draws the interest of your potential audiences. 

2. Showcase your Photos

As mentioned, a photography lookbook is a photo compilation that showcases a variety of photography concept that serves as a reference or portfolio for one photo artist. With this, you, who aims to have one photography lookbook, need to pick the best photographs that you'll display into your lookbook. In selecting the photos that you opt to showcase, make sure that it is relevant to your lookbook's nature, especially if you're maintaining an output brand. Additionally, for you to keep guided on what photos to display, having a separate checklist containing your desired photo showcase allows you to sort your portfolio easily. 

3. Inject Compelling Wordings 

A lookbook's wordings serve as a guide for your potential readers, mainly if you are selling your photo art to a potential client. Formulating your photography lookbook's wording doesn't need to be flashy or overstated. It is best if you make your lookbook details more conversational, wherein it establishes a connection. Here's a tip: for you to achieve well-written lookbook deets, you can begin crafting your wordings using a separate sheet.

4. Plot The Design, Photos, and Text

Completing this process would take you a lot of creativity and style. Using your preferred layout device, carefully outline all your gathered lookbook elements from the design motif, down to its wordings. Upon plotting your photography lookbook's components into the digital layout, keep in mind to follow the fundamental principles of design. However, it is understandable that studying the basics would take an amount of time. As an alternative, you can make your lookbook layout the same as a photography magazine

5. Maximize Its Engagement

The emergence of the new media channels creates an advantageous opportunity for you to increase the marketability of your photography lookbook.  So, if you opt to promote your photography lookbook on a large scale, displaying it on social media or a website allows you to generate more readers and engagement.