Photography is a dreamer’s path. It allows you to capture moments and the world around you on a unique angle, and when the job’s done right, it can be a lucrative profession. With so many talents vying for a seemingly limited spot in the industry, gain your entry with a compelling resume. Beat the competition with our topnotch Photography Resume Template in Apple Pages collection. They come in premium quality layout in various themes and categories to fit your every need. Make them yours this instant for free when you avail of our subscription plans now.

How to Make a Photography Resume in Apple Pages

CareerBuilder revealed that failure to customize a resume is among the downfalls of any job aspirant. Utilizing a template or a readymade layout allows you to zero in on what’s important—your written content. However, it shouldn’t limit you. Never fail to tailor your professional resume according to the industry that you aspire to get into. Make use of relevant keywords and make it through the automatic resume scanners and meticulous recruiters. Below are some ways on how you can build a winning resume:

1. Draft Your Details

Start by writing your resume’s details on a rough draft. This will help identify what needs to be included and what needs to be trashed. If you’re a beginner in the field and is still unsure what information should be included, refer to our library of sample resumes. Label your details accordingly. Prepping up your content firsthand will help you arrange them easily on an actual layout.

2. Balance Work Experience with Relevant Skills

Refer to your draft and examine your skills and work experiences. Photography is a creative industry, which makes your expertise as relevant as your previous projects and positions. While most resumes highlight professional history over skills, your resume format should contain a good mix of the two factors. Your employer would very much like to know what skills you have learned along the way as much as he wants to know the jobs you have taken on.

3. Keep it Sleek

Create a positive impression and capture their attention with a sleek and neat format. Wordiness can turn off a recruiter, no matter how relevant they may be. Present a clean resume. Paraphrase long sentences and use bullets to shorten statements. Use clear phrases and keep it basic by omitting ambiguous wordings. Your resume has a very high chance of passing screenings when you make it brief and easy to go through.

4. Include Major Keywords

The latest recruiting trend includes software scanning through your profile. This is known as the applicant tracking system (ATS) that manages initial resume screening. Gone are the days when human resource personnel used to break their backs by going through hundreds of applications.

The ATS works by using significant keywords. These keywords are usually found on job postings and required qualifications. Before finalizing your details, revisit the hiring announcement, and look for keywords that you can use. Here’s a tip: be specific. If they’re looking for someone proficient in Adobe Photoshop, mention the said application instead of merely stating “Proficient in photo editing.”

5. Choose a Suitable Resume

Now that you have all the details you need, it’s time to work on the layout. Unfortunately, using Apple Pages as your editing application won’t be able to give you your desired outcome. Design-wise, it doesn’t have all the right tools. It can limit you and, at best, provide you with a mediocre result. Choose to use a photography resume template instead. Select a layout that can carry out your vision and make the necessary customizations. This way, you can solely focus your attention on your content and unburden yourself from the layout.

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