What Is a Sales Plan?

A sales plan is a document that is used to develop strategies to achieve sales objectives. A sales plan lays out the objectives, goals, business strategies, target market, and potential hindrances. While a business plan lays out your goals, the sales plan describes how to fulfill them.

How to Make a Sales Plan in Apple Pages?

In order to achieve success, a company would have to come up with a plan that can help them in their growth. Planning would require documentation and there are several programs out there that can help you. Apple Pages is one of them and although it is mostly exclusive to Apple products like the Mac, iPad, and iPhone it is also available for download for Windows. Below are some tips you can apply to create your Sales Plan.

1. Background

To begin your document, you need to take a look back at the mission and vision statements of your company. You're going to need to add a brief history of your company as well to help provide some background information. Write about your business, the products or services that you offer, and who your target market is. The last thing you need to include is your goal for the next period as well as when and how you can accomplish it.

2. Researched Data

Gather your marketing research team to get an update on your current data. It would tell you about the trends in the market as well as consumer behavior and their development. The research data would give you a basis for your next goal and objective, the steps to help increase your sales, the best way to achieve your goals, and when it can be accomplished.

3. Strategy and Action Plan

Next, you're going to describe your sales strategies, this includes pricing for your commissioned products and promotions. Write down in detail what action you will take to increase the awareness of your brand's visibility and achieve an impact on your sales and marketing.

4. Estimate of Expenses and Revenue

One thing you need to do is come up with an estimate in regards to how much you expect to lose or gain from the implementation of the plan. Consider what you need to spend for such as equipment, labor, and transportation to name a few. Then you need to think about how much you expect to make once the strategy has been implemented. Adjust your plan if you can see that you might need to spend more.

5. Keep It Simple

As much as possible try to keep your plan brief and concise. This makes it easy to communicate among your team members and those in positions above you. Keep your plan organized and use sections that have labeled so it will be easier to understand and implement.

6. Review and Edit

When you're finished making your plan, take some time to review your plan. Check if you've made any errors grammatically, in your punctuation, or your spelling. If you've found any, change them immediately. When you've done so, you can save your file and have it ready for printing.

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