How to Create a Planner Job Description in Google Docs

To the average eye, a job description is a checklist of the necessary skills and requirements of an applicant. This notion is true, but job descriptions have more uses than mentioned. It also plays a significant role in compensation, role expectations, and labor protection. Because of these implications, a job description needs to be carefully written.

1. Provide a Brief Overview

An excellent job description starts with a concise but comprehensive summary of the role. This overview is a method of advertising the position. It lays out the expected tasks and key requirements from the applicants, thus creating a clear picture of the role's contribution to the organization.

2. Identify the Main Responsibilities of the Role

After the summary, you need to dive into the details. Discuss the main responsibilities of a planner. If you're looking for a candidate to fill in a material planner, state what they need to do for projects. As much as you want to highlight their key duties, make sure to indicate their daily and admin tasks as well. Providing these pieces of information will help in screening the applicants.

3. Include Needed Skills

Alongside mentioning the responsibilities of the role, an excellent job description also contains a detailed list of the necessary skills for the job. For a planner position, make sure to require analytical and advanced communication skills. Also, don't forget to look for applicants who have excellent soft skills such as flexibility and interpersonal skills.

4. Get Straight to the Point

Your job description can be a document containing several lists. It does not require lengthy paragraphs to relay the message. Stating the required qualifications straightforwardly makes it easier to understand. It leaves little room for misunderstanding. Moreover, for the part of the applicant, it takes lesser time to skim through.

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