Management is an organization's administration, irrespective of the types of whether it is a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a government entity. Management involves the tasks of developing an organization's strategy and organizing the actions of its staff (or volunteers) to achieve its goals through the use of existing resources, such as financial, natural, technical, and human resources. Management requires determining the mission, aim, processes, rules, and manipulation of an enterprise's human resources to contribute to the enterprise's prosperity.

The primary function of management is planning. Its aim is to ensure that human and economic resources are used optimally in business operations. It predates all other commercial operations in an undertaking. It is the method by which the sequence of events predicted with a rational degree of certainty is outlined in order to accomplish the ultimate objective of business activities. Planning helps in achieving objectives. It allows managers to organize the organization's resources more effectively by concentrating emphasis on organizational objectives. It also helps the manager to chalk out a "blueprint" sequence of action in advance to be followed for organizational objectives to be realized and to prevent excessive duplication of activities. Planning also allows managers and companies to reduce risk and uncertainty resulting from future events by offering a reasonable method for making decisions and reliable forecasting.

A successful project requires a detailed and well-planned project management plan. Start planning with our planning and management templates. Just choose the one suited to your project and customize it accordingly.

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