It's another time to enjoy the lovely touch of water on your skin under the blissfully hot sun—or moon! It's pool party time! Been busy preparing for the party and forgot about the invitations? Don't worry, we got you covered! Choose one from our treasure of cool Ready-Made Pool Party Invitation Templates in Adobe Illustrator! These templates will make your guests excited to be present at your pool party! These templates are 100% customizable. They're available in 5x7 inches + Bleed. What are you waiting for? Download a template and subscribe to our plans now for more amazing choices of templates!

How to Make a Pool Party Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

Human beings are social people, and science can prove that with their research. So, it's no wonder why people enjoy other's company—though introverts may disagree. Regardless, if you're born an introvert or an extrovert, you have to admit that having people around can really make you happy. For that, you may throw an awesome pool party to enjoy people's company! And to make sure that the invitees will come, we'll help you make a beautiful pool party invitation! Refer to the easy steps below:

1. Have a Theme

Want to make your summer pool party or birthday more exciting? Then, incorporate your theme to the printable invitation. If you don't have a theme yet, then choose a unique one. You can have a flamingo birthday, retro party, Havana nights, and others. Pick something that fits your taste and interest.

2. Paste Pictures

Pictures are a great addition to your invitations. They can make your invitation card look more exciting and enticing. Likewise, select photos that best fit your party. If you're celebrating a birthday, you can put the picture of the celebrant. You can also add images of the pool and other things related to swimming. This way, your invitees can get swimming vibes.

3. Add Details

Of course, your invitation has to embody the details of the party. You need to include the name of the party, date, time, location, and other reminders. As part of the details, you also need to check how you phrase your event invitation wording. It will depend on your event. If it's formal, then use formal language. If not, then don't.

4. Don't Forget the White Space

Make your pool party or pool birthday invitation look neater by using white space. White space can also help your invitees read the content of your invitation easily because they serve as the guide.

5. Place Your Content at the Center

Maximize the space of the invitation by placing the content of your card at the center. This can actually make your simple invitation look better. But you can disregard this step if you want to place the content at the side because you can actually do that.

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