Basic Postcard PSD

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How to Create Basic Postcards in Adobe Photoshop

A basic postcard is a rectangular piece of cardboard that is used for mailing. Postcards are intended for writing, and it is usually sent to recipients without an envelope. Other than rectangular shape, postcards also have different forms. Postcards are one of the most straightforward tools in written communication back in the days. Aside from letters, a basic postcard also contains messages; however, a postcard may include photographic pictures that would signify the sender is off for a holiday.

Postcards can be sent at a lower fee than a standard letter, and it is usually issued from a postal office. Typically, postcards can be made for business agencies, save-the-date events, travel vacations, and more. Although, with the evolving technology recently, one can finally create a basic postcard by using Adobe Photoshop. For you to be guided, here are the following guidelines on how to create a basic postcard for your sentimental purpose.

1. Select a Postcard Design Template

First things first, select a creative postcard design that is mainly aligned with your purpose. A basic postcard can be used in many ways such as event invitations, promotional materials, or solely for communication purposes. Select a postcard design layout that would highlight your goal. With the postcard's limit space, only put the necessary details like the date, the time, the location, and so on.

2. Choose a Specific Postcard Format

The standard size for postcards is 5″ x 7″, and they are basically printed on durable cardstocks. You can also choose between vertical and horizontal orientations and whether or not, you'd like to have it back-to-back. As long as you can allocate a lot of time and effort, you can create a good sample postcard that looks like it's been created by a professional artist.

3. Incorporate a Sincere Message

The most essential elements of a postcard are the date, time, and location. Nonetheless, postcards are mainly built for sincere messages. Elaborate your profound message that would appreciate the recipient as he or she reads it. Make use of your creativity by adding colors and fancy fonts. For instance, if you are making a business postcard, do not forget to add your branding elements such as the logo, letterhead, color schemes, and company name.

4. Add High-Resolution Postcard Images

To add some personal touch for your basic postcards, you can add some high-resolution images to give the recipient an idea of what the postcard is all about. Take for example if you intend to make a birthday postcard, you can add a modeling image of the celebrant at the front or at the back. You can also add some invoking colors that would give life to the postcard. Do not forget to double-check your design to avoid repeating the whole process and do not overcrowd your postcard.

5. Print Your Postcard

Lastly, your printable postcard design is ready for printing. As you print, choose a good standard printer that will not ruin your design. Do some trial printing before having an actual copy of your postcard. See to it that the design stays the same as you saved it.