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How to Create a Blank Postcard in Photoshop?

With the rise of technology, individuals opt to communicate through emails and private messages on various social media sites. For this reason, some people deemed sending direct mails old fashioned and ineffective. Despite that, direct mails remain relevant in the field of business and even in our personal lives. A study showed that 76% of the consumers claimed that they rely on direct mail when making a purchase decision. Moreover, another study revealed that 36% of Americans who are younger than 30 years old still look forward to checking their mail each day. One of the most popular types of direct mails is postcards. This type of card can be used for various purposes such as sending warm greetings, sharing a travel experience, and advertising a business offer. If you are planning to create a blank postcard, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Know What the Postcard is For

As we’ve mentioned earlier, postcards serve a variety of purposes to different people. You can use it as advertising material for your small business. Also, you may send out postcards to invite people to a thanksgiving party, share your travel photos, or say thank you to someone. Even though you are creating blank postcards, you first have to specify its purpose. Doing so will help you come up with a postcard which will best suit its purpose. For example, if you are creating a blank Christmas postcard, you have to incorporate the theme of the holiday on your card.

2. Design in Adobe Photoshop

One of the most versatile programs designed by Adobe is Photoshop. This editing program features multiple tools that will enable users to design materials for both digital and print media. You can use this program to create any type of postcard you want, be it a blank invitation postcard, vintage postcard, business postcard, etc. To create a new file in Adobe Photoshop, simply click File > New > Blank File after launching the program. Then, set the canvas size to 4 x 6 inches.

3. Include a Photo

After creating a new file, the next thing you will do is to attach a photo for the front side of your card. Postcards usually feature images of travel destinations all around the globe. However, if you are creating a card to promote a new listing in your real estate company, make sure to include high-quality photo/s of the property. On the other hand, if you are advertising an upcoming fashion event, you may add a picture of a model donning an intricately designed clothing. You may also make use of cartoon images in your design, just make sure that the photos you attach are relevant to the purpose of the card.

4. Leave Room for Written Message

After designing the front portion of the card, create a new file for the opposite side. The backside of your postcard is where you will be writing a short message for the recipient. Utilizing both sides of a postcard provides you enough space for additional text. The back part of the card does not have to be plain and white; you can include a background color or pattern to make it presentable. On the top right corner, draw a square shape for the stamp you will affix later on.

5. Get it Ready For Mailing

Review the text you input in your card and make sure its error-free. For a business postcard, make sure that you have included necessary information about your business such as its name, address, location, and contact number. After finalizing your layout and design, print it on high-quality paper stock or card stock. Then, mail it to the intended recipients.

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