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How To Create A Blank Postcard in Publisher

Sending postcards are convenient because it can be used as a direct mail marketing tool for businesses. Double-sided postcards typically have a picture on the front and some space on the backside for an ad copy or message to the recipient. It is also economical since there is no need for it to be sent with an envelope giving you no trouble.

If you are interested in exploring print advertising or postcard advertising, then you've come to the right place. We're here to give you lessons on generating a suitable postcard for you.

1. Set Up Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a program in Microsoft Office. This program can be used to produce a lot of items such as flyers, letters, magazines, and postcards. You can easily create your blank postcard in Microsoft Publisher even though you are not a professional designer. Get to create high-quality and professional business postcards with this desktop publishing program's creative tools. With Publisher's tools, manipulation of color swatches, typography, and other design elements is easy. Use Publisher now if you want to produce an outstanding print product.

2. Decide On The Purpose Of The Card

Establishing the intention of the postcard is perhaps the most significant component of making an efficient blank postcard. Is the purpose of your postcard to invite the recipient to a birthday party, new year celebration, or graduation event? With a clear perspective of the purpose, the production of your blank postcard will be smooth sailing. You'll have a guide on how you're going to construct your blank postcard even if its for personal purposes or a marketing campaign of businesses.

3. Select A Color Scheme and Readable Font

For you to have an effective postcard design, you need to consider the color scheme and font you're going to utilize. When choosing a color scheme, look at a color chart, study the different color combinations, and use the colors to your advantage. If you're making a business postcard, you might consider using your company color to give it your branding. In picking for the perfect font, make sure that the font will make the content readable yet engaging. You have to take note of the size and style of the font. Avoid using complicated fonts that will overwhelm the readers instead use simple fonts. Make sure that the color scheme and the font won't clash to avoid making your postcard design a tacky and an eyesore.

4. Compose A Suitable Message

If you want your postcard to act like a greeting card, the content needs to have a simple greeting or congratulatory statement to the recipient. Based on a survey, approximately 52.5% of consumers will read a direct-mail postcard. Therefore, if the postcard is used for a marketing campaign, the content of the modern postcard needs to be compelling and engaging. Keep in mind whether the content is a simple greeting or an ad copy, you have to choose your words wisely since postcards are small in size, leaving you with little space to work with.

5. Consider Using A Template

It is highly recommended that you make use of sample postcard templates from our site. Ready-made blank postcard templates will provide you with the freedom to do anything you want to suit your preferences. You'll get your hands with high-quality layout, format, and graphics. Choose from a wide variety of layout designs that you think will better represent your purpose.

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