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How To Create A Business Postcard In Publisher

Perhaps you are already deciding to promote your business using Direct Mail Marketing but still doubtful in its effectiveness in the age of digital media. Studies show that 4 in 10 Americans look forward to checking their mail and 36% of them are Millenials. Who says print media is dead and irrelevant in the digital age? Here we'll help you create a Business Postcard for today's Twitter Age using our Ready-Made Business Postcard in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Draft Ideas First

Business Postcards are type postcards used as a promotional tool and often contain catchy phrases and tag lines. Before making and sending Business Postcards, you should first write your ideas on a draft. Doing so avoids mistakes from happening repeatedly. Also, prepare your list of recipients including their addresses and contact numbers. That is to prevent delays in sending your postcards.

2. Prefer To Use Microsoft Publisher

Design your Business Postcard using Microsoft Publisher. Using Microsoft Publisher allows you to professionally layout your Business Postcard. Furthermore, Its user-friendly interface allows you to create and design according to the nature of your business. It also makes mix and matching images, graphics, and texts easily and conveniently like a professional.

3. What's Inside

To make your Business Postcard an effective marketing and promotional tool, your business card must have your business name written on it along with its motto. Business Postcards often have attention-grabbing catchphrases written on it. A Law Firm, for example, may use "Get Help Today!" or say "Get Fit!", for Fitness Gyms, as catchphrases for its Business Postcards.

Your Business Postcard should further announce your business's identity by enumerating the products and services that you offer to the market. It should also have your address, contact details, and even your operating hours. You could also announce promotional offers, bestsellers, upcoming business events, newly opened branches and even moving of your bakery to a new location.

Overall, your Business Postcard is somewhat like a statement of your identity as a business. All the content that you need in your business postcard is already included in our ready-made templates and is highly customizable to your needs.

4. Design And Features

Tailor and fashion your Business Postcard according to the type of business that you have. Designing accordingly sort of establishes a brand for your business. Typical design features often include a business's brand logo, relevant images, space for writing messages on and postal stamps as well. You may also include an event planner as a design feature. Perfectly useful for businesses like restaurants for planning special occasions, or for driving schools for plotting the next class schedule.

Your Business Postcard design should not only reflect your business but it should also reflect your client's needs as well. Designing your Business postcards using our Ready-Made Templates allows you to achieve all the mentioned qualities with its Quick and Easy to Personalize features for or use the ready-made template as it is.

5. Time To Print

Now that you're done designing your Business Postcard, all that's left to do is to breath life unto it. Our Ready-Made Business Postcard Templates are Ready to Print and Easy to Distribute. It is 6x4 inches in size with 300 dpi resolution in CMYK color space.

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