What Is a Christmas Postcard?

A postcard is a general term to refer to a piece of card stock or thick paper that contains a creative design and a meaningful message. A Christmas postcard, on the other hand, is simply a variation that's typically used during the Christmas season. Just like any other basic postcard, this one no longer requires to be placed inside an envelope for it to be sent.

How to Make Christmas Postcards in Apple Pages

Although postcards go way back to as early as the 1800s, a lot of people nowadays still use them most especially on special occasions. According to multiple recent surveys, around 72% of Millenials love sending postcards and 82% love receiving them. If you're planning to make and send a Christmas postcard to a family member, relative, or a friend, we're here to help you make the best one in Apple Pages, simply refer to the provided list of instructions.

1. Determine Your Type of Postcard

Postcards can be of many forms and styles with some preferring to make minimal or simple postcards for business purposes. On the other hand, others prefer to make creative or modern postcards for purposes that are informal or casual. Regardless of what type of postcard you're making, we've got the perfect templates for it and they're all easy to download and edit.

2. Download Your Chosen Postcard Template

Template.net houses a wide selection of sample postcards to choose from, and each one is just as beautifully designed as the rest of our downloadable templates. Whether you're planning to make postcards for birthdays, graduation parties, or Christmas celebrations, the template you need is just one click away. And since you'll be using Apple Pages to make your postcards, be sure to look for templates that are fully compatible with the software.

3. Edit the Postcard Design

After getting your hands on a blank postcard template that's compatible with Pages, customize the design by adding or removing elements, or by rearranging the pre-rendered ones according to your preference. When editing the postcard design, be sure to leave some space that's big enough to accommodate your personalized message. Also, when adding layers of graphical elements, be sure not to overdo it to prevent the bottommost layer from being overshadowed.

4. Write Your Message

Finishing the postcard design is just half of getting the job done, the other half is writing and proofreading your personalized message for the recipient. This is also the reason why you shouldn't clutter the layout with too many elements—to leave space for your written content. Even though proofreading a postcard's content is not as important as it is in marketing materials, it does help in adding more sentimental value to your Christmas postcard.

5. Print or Share Your Postcards

There are multiple ways to send your Christmas postcard, you can have it printed and mailed just like how people do it since the 1800s, or you can also send it through social media. Either way, what matters most is that your Christmas message reaches its intended recipient.

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