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What is a Christmas Postcard?

A Christmas postcard is a commercialized greeting card used as part of the traditional way of celebrating Christmas during the holiday season. A standard Christmas postcard contains a single photo on the front and a small message on the back that usually uses the greeting "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

A postcard is a perfect message-relaying outlet for today's commercialized Christmas. Nowadays, the church has seen that Christmas focuses on buying gifts rather than on Jesus. However, Christmas was not always about buying or giving of gifts. According to, Christmas was once about celebrating the holiday season through carousing, sometimes singing a cantata, and drinking before the 19th century. However, merchants found carousing, drinking, and having fun meant no work can be done or bad for their business. And thus, the birth of commercialized Christmas came and postcards became popular!

How to Create Christmas Postcards in Publisher

1. Who is the Recipient of the Card?

A postcard is a retro marketing tool created to send messages to another person who is far away from you. You must know who your intended recipient is for you to relay the message you want them to hear. If you don't write down the recipient's name, he or she might now know that the postcard is intended for them and will give it to someone else instead. If you want to be secretive with the receiver of the message because you have nosy friends and families, you can opt to use a pen name for the recipient. Do remember to tell the recipient about the pen name so they won't get confused as to who is the letter for.

2. Know the Mailing List

When you send an application letter to a corporate setting, you must place the correct address. It is a top priority for companies that the mailing address should be present or correct. Placing the wrong address might send it to a restaurant instead. It must be applied when dealing with postcards too. The recipient's mailing address must be a priority and must be correct.

3. Add Images or Graphic Files

A Christmas brochure contains images or graphic files to give it a Christmas or holiday season vibe. Images help bring a theme or vibe to a document. Use this knowledge with a Christmas or holiday postcard. Add an image or a graphic file to the front. The image or graphic file should represent the Christmas season.

4. Mailing the Holiday Card

After creating your postcard, you must review it, especially the mailing address and the recipient name. The hours or days you have spent making your Christmas postcard might be in vain if it will be mailed to the wrong address. When you have thoroughly reviewed and edited your postcard, you can finally mail it to your recipient's address and wait for them to message you that they have received it. You can also opt to place the postcard in a blank envelope or have it be transparent, easily seen by the recipient. Be confident in your creativity, and hope they'll receive your message with open arms!

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