How to Create Christmas Postcards in Word

Whether you just want a simple greeting card to write your deepest feelings for your partner into or a professional Christmas brochure to advertise the mom-and-pop restaurant business that you’re running, you can’t go wrong by using Microsoft Word and our Ready-made Christmas Postcard Templates!

1. Microsoft Word Is up to the Task

Normally, people don’t think of something like a word processor to edit and compose the type of material that a greeting card is. However, you should know that Microsoft Word has come a very long way since its release over 30 years ago. With that said, Word does indeed come with the right tools you’ll need to easily make some simple changes to your Christmas postcard template. It’s even available to install and use on Android and iOS, so you can work on the go whenever and wherever you need to! And, if you need a helping hand from a friend or colleague, Microsoft has you covered with Word’s ability to let you collaborate online in real-time!

If you don’t have Word yet, you can nab it for yourself by paying a visit to Microsoft’s online store and choosing from one of the monthly rate plans that they have available. But, if you happen to be in doubt of committing to Word, you can try out Microsoft’s free trial offer to test the software for one whole week (and without the need for a credit card). With that, you can already start making your own greeting cards and other types of reading material before having to register to a subscription!

2. Download Your Template of Cheer and Joy

Now that you’ve got Microsoft Word installed and ready (or maybe you already did, prior to this guide), it’s time to scope out our gallery of 100% customizable Ready-made Christmas Postcard Templates and find a design that truly brings out the holiday spirit from within you! When you lay your eyes upon a template’s thumbnail that you like, you can simply click on it to open that template’s respective page in a new browser tab and use the provided download link in said tab to save the template file to your computer or device.

3. Let the Spirit of Christmas Drive Your Inspiration

With Microsoft Word prepped to go and your desired postcard template downloaded, you can now get to editing. Since our templates already come with gorgeous pre-rendered illustrations and blank fields you can simply fill in with text, there’s not much you need to fuss over to get the card ready for mailing. However, be it for personal or business use, you obviously want to make sure that the written content gives your readers that special type of warm fuzzy feeling that one could only get during the merriest time of the year. And don’t forget to take advantage of the different colors and styles that Word has for your text!

4. Personalize It Further

If you want, customizing your postcard doesn’t have to stop at what you write in it. Word lets you add your own clipart as well; go ahead and add a photo of yourself, your home, or maybe even one with you and your partner together!

5. Ready to Bring a Smile

After you’re through editing, just save it and your card is ready to carry your Christmas cheers. This holiday season, show your affection to those that you cherish the most with the help of Microsoft Word and our Ready-made Christmas Postcard Templates!

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