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Whether you are sending postcards for personal matters or business purposes, it is essential to have an aesthetically pleasing postcard design. Its overall appearance communicates an impression and evokes emotion to its recipients. If you are not well-versed with the postcard-making process or you don’t have the luxury of time to create one from scratch, we got you covered! Here in, we offer you a wide array of Ready-made Postcard Templates you can download for whichever purpose it may serve you. We assure you that our templates are 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and beautifully designed. Plus, these documents are easily editable in all versions of Apple Pages for your convenience. Hurry! Get yours for free!

How to Create a Postcard in Apple Pages?

A postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper often printed with a photograph on one side and inscribed with a message on the opposite side. Even in this digital age, there is something in postcards that email attachments could never replace. Some individuals write and mail postcards to significant people in their lives. Because it is a rare commodity nowadays, postcard recipients will feel like someone else genuinely cares for them. Aside from that, entrepreneurs make use of postcards as a marketing tool for their business. It helps them reach audiences, advertise products and/or services, and promote upcoming events. Regardless of the purpose of your card, you should see to it that it is uniquely designed for it to stand out. To help you with that, we will walk you through five simple steps to create a postcard.

1. Specify the Purpose of the Postcard

One can use a postcard for both personal and business matters. For example, some individuals mail postcards to their friends to share a travel experience or announce an event. This type of card can also be an alternative for a greeting card. Long before the existence of email attachments, people mail postcards to send warm greetings to someone special in their lives. On the other hand, advertisers also make use of postcards to market a product or service a business offers. In a real estate company, postcards have been one of the primary ways to promote new listings or advertise open houses. Before creating your postcard, you should first point out its purpose and to whom you will send it to. Doing so will help you tailor-make a postcard to suit your intentions and/or the needs of the recipients.

2. Choose Apple Pages

Although Apple Pages is a word processor primarily used to create formal documents, it features multiple tools which will help you design a creative postcard. To start, launch the program and choose the size of your postcard. If you want a card that will stand out, you may opt for bigger sizes than the regular postcards. The standard size of a postcard is 5.51 inches x 3.54 inches.

3. Use a Relevant Photograph

Whether you are using the postcard as a greeting card, save the date card, or a marketing tool for your business, see to it that the photo you will use is relevant to its purpose. You may also add your travel photos in different countries like Paris, London, New York, Italy, and all other historical and lovely places. Also, you should make sure that the photo you use in your design is of high-quality and well-framed to make your postcard worth keeping.

4. Remember, Less is More

Regardless of the overall appearance you want to achieve, be it modern or vintage, you have to keep your postcard simple. It should not look packed with too many images and texts. Because of the limited space provided by a postcard, you also have to limit the message you will write on it. Keep your sentences concise and direct to the point. If you are creating a business postcard, only highlight the most important information you would like to convey to the target market.

5. Utilize Both Sides

A double-sided postcard allows you to maximize the space of the material. It gives you an opportunity to include additional details or messages you would like to convey to the recipients. After finalizing your design, print it on a high-quality cardstock, and affix a postcard stamp on the top right portion of the card. Now, your postcard is ready for mailing.