Need to create your own business or personal postcard? Are you worried about how to start or what to include in its design? If so, then worry no more. Our ready-made Printable Postcard Templates will definitely help you make your postcard with less effort and right on time! Our templates are already pre-formatted, so there's no need for you to start from scratch. Plus, they contain suggestive content that are 100% customizable and easily-editable in any Microsoft Publisher version. They also have high-quality graphics and royalty-free images that make your postcard appear elegant and professional. Why pass up this beneficial offer? Press the download button now and own our Printable Postcard Templates in Microsoft Publisher!

How To Create A Printable Postcard In Microsoft Publisher?

There have been numerous postcard types throughout eight eras since the 1890s. But, their general function and purpose remain the same, which is to send a message of greeting, invitation, gratitude, or professional courtesy to another individual from another place. Even with the rise of digital technology nowadays such as email, postcards are still around and continue to be of value, especially for businesses that opt to use them as a means of promotion or marketing of their products and services.

If you're about to create and send a postcard to someone or if you're going to send bulks of it for your business's promotion, our downloadable Postcard Templates are yours for the taking. All of them have a default content that unquestionably saves you time in creating one from scratch. To help you even further, we will share with you a few tips in creating your postcard using our templates.

1. Choose A Postcard Template With The Right Design

Whatever your postcard may be, be it a travel postcard, a vintage postcard, or a summer postcard, you must choose a postcard template with the right design. In this way, you won't have to go over the cumbersome process of designing your postcard by yourself. If it so happens your postcard will be a Christmas greeting or promotion, your number one option should be our Christmas Postcard Templates.

2. Launch Microsoft Publisher

One good reason why you should use Microsoft Publisher is that most of our Postcard Templates are compatible with Microsoft Publisher. But, the very reason why we urge you to choose it is because of its tools and features that are perfect for any document that's to be distributed by its senders to the masses, such as a postcard. Whatever personalization or customization you wish to inject with your chosen Postcard Template, you can do so conveniently and efficiently with Microsoft Publisher.

3. Write A Short Yet Warm Message/Greeting

As mentioned earlier, postcards are sent to carry a message of greeting from an individual to another individual. So if that's the case, might as well make your message a warming one. It doesn't have to be lengthy; two or three words will suffice. For example, if your postcard is a message of gratitude to someone close to you, a simple "Thank You" is already a warm message. If it's a wedding invitation, the greeting "You're Cordially Invited" or "See You There" is good enough.

4. Feature Relevant Photographs

The quality and value of your postcard will significantly improve if it'll feature relevant photographs. This practice is essential if your postcard will be a promotional tool for your business. If that's your case, the photographs you should feature are those showing a preview of your business offers. Another instance, if the postcard you wish to create is a recipe card with a short index of a food and drink menu, then its photographs should be those showcasing the dishes of that particular menu. However, some of our Postcard Templates might already have relevant photographs of their own. If you've downloaded one of them, there's no need for you to embed photographs manually.

5. Print And Place Inside An Envelope Afterwards

After accomplishing every necessary step in creating your postcard, it's the perfect time for you to print it using a quality photo paper. Afterward, we encourage you to place it inside the protection of an elegant envelope. Doing so will also enhance your postcard's presentability and will undoubtedly be appreciated by its receiver. Envelope Templates are also available here on if you're looking for a quicker way to obtain one.

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